Predatory Instinct Productions

Beginning around 1997 and early 2000s I ran a publishing project called “Predatory Instinct Productions”.


Full Frontal Nudity Issue #1 (mid-1997)
Full Frontal Nudity Issue #2


The Crowd: Book One

This was to be the first of three booklets reprinting Gustave LeBon’s work. The other two volumes were never published.

Man and Technics

From and archived web page about the booklet:

Man and Technics, by Oswald Spengler
with introduction by K.S. Anthony

The explosion makes me think of Spengler’s words near the book’s conclusion: “This machine-technics will end with the Faustian civilization and one day will lie in fragments, forgotten…our giant cities in ruins like old Memphis and Babylon”.
– critique of the cover 

   A while back I read an interview whith Michael Moynihan, he specifically suggested that people read “Man and Technics”. I purchased a very nice 1932 edition, and have very much enjoyed it since then. So much so, that I have made it available to everyone, or at least everyone that can find it here at P.I.Productions, or any other place that decides to buy some for resale.

Man Into Wolf

Robert Eisler’s book without the extensive footnotes.

Fractured Fantastic Fables

A selection of Ambrose Bierce’s short fables. I made two covers for this booklet, one of them had a typo in the cover that read “Fatnastic”.


Black Sun
The Many Moods of Boyd Rice…