A brief overview of my life’s work.

I has been involved in the creation, publishing, and distribution of offbeat ideas from a very early age. This website will try to document some of that in broad strokes where necessary, and fine detail when appropriate.


The Radical Book Shop of Chicago | 2023

My first book. More info at TheRadicalBookShop.com

Der Geist Journal | 2017 – (current)

Trevor Blake is Editor-In-Chief and I am Co-Editor on this journal of the Union of Egoists project.

Stand Alone Journal | 2016 – (current)

Underworld Amusements | 2007 – (current)

Begun in 2007 as a side project, this publishing project was a way that I could focus my energies on projects of my own. The catalog dedicated to the publishing is at UnderworldAmusements.net.

Scapegoat Publishing | 2005 – 2008

Begun in 2005 with Chris X, Scapegoat was a collaborative project with us as partners. Chris X was the editor-in-chief and Kevin I. Slaughter was the art director, and in those roles we maximized our talents to move the project forward.

Full Frontal Nudity | ? – ?

Two issues of a ‘zine, published under the imprint of Predatory Instinct Productions.

Predatory Instinct Productions | 1997 – 2003

Predatory Instinct Productions was the name of my first “publishing house.” I released a series of booklets, apparel and videos.

Modern Anarchist | 1991

Two issues of this ‘zine were published by myself and a comrade in my Freshman year of High School. No copies remain.


#mybookcult | 2019 – (2023)

In late 2019 I switched the Underworld Amusements Patreon account into #mybookcult, a book subscription service. The book subscription service formally ended in mid-2023. It continues, as of this writing, as a fund-raising source.

UnderworldAmusements.com | 2007 – (current)

The name of the publishing company was extended to the new distribution project. Just as with the Den of Iniquity, I needed to be able to sell my work directly to customers.

Den of Iniquity | ? – 2003

The Den of Iniquity was a mail order book concern that facilitated the sale of my own projects produced by Predatory Instinct Productions, and also interesting books and items from others. The Den of Iniquity set up a booth a a local events, often also organized by me.


Sidney E. Parker Archives | 2018 – (current)

Union of Egoists | 2016 – (current)

Begun in 2016, this research and publishing project was launched with author Trevor Blake.

BenjaminDeCasseres.com | 2012 – (current)

A website dedicated to recording and highlighting the work of the poet and journalist Benjamin DeCasseres.


Satanism Lectures | ? – ?

I have lectured publicly twice on the topic of Satanism.

Master of Ceremonies | ? – ?

I have performed as a “master of ceremonies” on several occasions.

Axis Mundi (music)

After URILLIAsekt, I began performing and recording as Axis Mundi, sometimes with Heather Fraser. The themes were more lighthearted and the music was more inspired by sound-collage, cut-ups, and experimental noise.

URILLIAsekt (music)

John Morgan led the art damaged performance group URILLIAsekt. Frustrated by the direction of the group, he kicked out Paul Beauchamp and other performers and I joined in their place. With Joe focused on creating the sound, I focused on performance aspects.







allthingsarenothingto.me / TheUniqueAndItsProperty.com | 2017

I set this website up when I published The Unique and Its Property by Max Stirner, a new translation by Wolfi Landstreicher of the egoist classic. Because of backlash from the “anarchist community” that I was not an anarchist publisher, Wolfi was attacked by “online personalities” and released a statement distancing himself from the book. The book went out of print and the domain name registrations eventually lapsed.





BloodAxis.com | 2002 – 2011

“Blood Axis Archive” was a fan site to Michael Moynihan’s performance project launched on August 14th 2002. Eventually I gave the domain over to the artist when he requested it.

JimTully.com | ? – ?

For a number of years, I registered and built a website dedicated to the life and work of hobo author Jim Tully.

BoydRice.com | 2000 – ?

As a fan of the music and writing of the musician, I launched his “official” website on Halloween of 2000. It was first located at longlivedeath.com, but later I was able to obtain boydrice.com and moved the website there. After some years, I passed the domain and site off to his biographer Brian M. Clark, who then later passed it on to Boyd himself. At some point in the last few years, Boyd lost the domain for unknown reasons.


Before “the internet” was accessible to most people, for many years I was a “SysOp” of a “BBS,” run mostly on the WWIV platform. My BBS was listed one time in BBS Magazine, the only one there to list “Satanism” as a topic of focus.