Den of Iniquity

The “about us” page in 2001 read as follows:

We are small mail order/retail business that caters to the Satanist and/or “social deviant”. These terms do not connote anything negative to the proprietor, or his customers.

The Den of Iniquity was established under Predatory Instinct Productions in XXXII A.S., as an retail outlet for Satanic and Underground new and used books, audio, video, and assorted oddities. A basic five point business plan was drawn up to act as a guide to the growth and goals of the business. Taking a nontraditional approach to organizing and initiating a business, the Den of Iniquity was a truly unique formula from the start. The Den continues to expand and grow according to our original plans.

The Den of Iniquity continues to follow along with it’s plans.We are very excited to make available the works of Magisters, Priests, Grotto Masters, and the works of other subversive and underground artists. If you produce, or are aware of works that might be of interest to us, please contact us and let us know.

We are loyal to the Church of Satan, and are not interested in works that are contrary to its philosophy.