“A Bible Not Borrowed from the Neighbors.” an essay on egoism

“On Exotica” an excerpt from an interview with Peter H. Gilmore

“The Devil’s Ponies”, a short film based on a YouTube comment.

“Rev. Slaughter on the Billy Madison Show”, there are annotations, maximize view.

“What is Satanic?”, an excerpt from “The Great Satan” lecture.

“Let me give you my card!”, a short film about my business cards.

Satanism as Weltanschauung, a lecture in 9 parts

Below are two parts of the Q&A session that followed:

Stuff, a short film of my books and things:
(this was produced to test out my camera and equiptment. It’s not a “finished” product, per se, but it does show some of the books in my library, and that’s of interest to some people)

Robert G. Ingersoll Oratory Contest, 2010:

Satan As Rebel Hero, 2010 (3 parts):

Robert G. Ingersoll Oratory Contest, 2009:

URILLIAsekt – “Lycanthropy Ritual”, 1996:

  • MeinKoenigJC


    YOU ARE CANCER, not others

    • Kevin I. Slaughter

      Is that from Dio era Sabbath? I didn’t listen to them much post-Ozzy…

    • Kevin I. Slaughter

      Is that from Dio era Sabbath? I didn’t listen to them much post-Ozzy…

  • Veh555

     So men are animals, yet he aspires to be a God.. and who is this Satan if the bible is so crazy..
    Satan has this guy, by the ego, just where he wants him…then he will destroy him….because satan sees him as an animal of no worth.where Jesus values him… but what Jesus offers isnt exciting enough…

    • Veh555

      he says too much without making points.. and he lacks historical knowledge about Jesus and His claims… religion doesnt matter

      • Kevin I. Slaughter

        there is no supernatural being, be it God or Satan. We cannot argue this point because you obviously have faith and I don’t.

        you critique me for saying “too much” and not making a point, and say I’m ignorant about Jesus but don’t provide any facts to counter what I’ve said.

  • Vmedia2

    and this is desirable? Jesus said “Come unto Me and I will give you rest” 

    • Kevin I. Slaughter

      I do not believe in the divinity of Jesus, and if he was a historical figure, there is little he can do to help me out.

      I also believe that his teachings are often destructive and contradictory, so even if I viewed him as a philosopher I would reject him.
      Since you didn’t quote anyting, I can’t be sure what you mean by “this” in the question “this is desirable? “

  • Ali

    Hi I,m Ali from IRAN.Muslims do believe in eye for an eye and according to statistics anger is the number 1 feeling that is felt by IRANIANS.We are the 2nd after China in death penalty.I can truely feel and imagine what a fucked up world we would have if everybody believed in Lex Talionas.A blind humanity.By the way I think sometimes turning the other cheek is the most Machiavellian thing you can do!Don,t you think!?

    • Kevin I. Slaughter

      This “blind world” idea was propagated by Gandhi, and it has no basis in reality. In fact, most people DO believe in Lex Talionis, but the law does not enforce it.

      I fully support the death penalty, and do not believe it is enforced nearly enough. It is the ultimate deterrent for the criminal.But in Lex Talionis, the punishment equals the crime – so murderers would be killed.
      The only way to have a “blind society” is if 50% of the population poked out the eyes of the other 50%, and crime (and criminal negligence just isn’t that rampant for the majority of people.In the United States, a _majority_ of criminals who go to jail will commit a crime after they’ve been released and return to jail.There are several problems with the judicial system, and I’m not suggesting that lex talionis will solve all of them.

  • Piruned

    Wow, your oratory 2009 contest speech was very good. I dug the fact you congratulated the other speakers. That my friend, shows respect. Something that appears to be lacking on what others have commented here. Keep doing what you do.

    • Kevin I. Slaughter


  • Sjjadasdpor_iran

    The name of God
    Submit an original image I
    I say one thing to devil worship and cease
    God will save you from evil, divine retribution
    The year is 2012 and Zmn America to its feet stuck in the Israeli death Tlh

  • Evan Price

    I hate to post such a seemingly useless comment, but… The Devil’s Ponies has to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen on YouTube in a while. It lead me here, only to discover what a great speaker you are as well. Just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do. Hail Satan!

    • Kevin I. Slaughter

      Actually, that was an awesome comment, thanks!

      And, have you read the other comments here? I’m not even sure what point most of them are trying to make.

      • Evan Price

        I did glance through them, only to wonder the same thing myself. Then again, the stupidity of the average person nowadays no longer surprises me whatsoever. “It’s too bad stupidity isn’t painful” always comes to mind, haha. I suppose they are trying to “save” you from this Devil character that we all supposedly worship. I find it humorous that so many non-Satanists portray themselves as experts on the subject. I recently had a guy ask me, “If you don’t believe in god, why do you worship the devil?” I really do wish more people would at least have a basic understanding of Satanism prior to debating it, but I suppose you can only ask so much of a sheep.

  • Deacon Thomas

    Love all the videos, and what you your doing, some of the comments that these people write are funny as shit. Its bad that they can hardly wright a coherent message. Yet want to “preach” to you abouk your lack of knowledge. Keep up the good work/art.

  • Deacon Thomas

    Well if you were to read what I just posted  you would also think due to the bad writing I was disabled some how, sorry just wrote it fast.

    • Kevin I. Slaughter

      HAH… I noticed it, but I’m not so harsh on comment thread typos. I’m a graphic designer by profession and I’ve made some BRUTAL typos that weren’t caught by editors/proofreaders and found their way into print.
      Though it was the editors jobs to catch them, I always feel a tinge of guilt for the finger slips.
      Any reasonable person can discern the difference between a typo and someone who is incapable of writing coherently.

      And thanks for the first comment, blemish and all.

  • Ali

    Hi,Ali from IRAN.I wanted to ask you as a satanist when in a particular situation
    Machiavellianism and Satanism are in contrary which one do you go for?

    • Kevin I. Slaughter

      Hi Ali,

        Well, I don’t know when they would ever be in contradiction, and therefore I don’t forsee having to “choose between them.”
        If you’d like to suggest a hypothetical, I’d be open to responding to it.

      • Ali

        For example in a particular situation someone harms you.according to the satanic philosophy you should take revenge although you know that by not taking revenge in that particular situation you will gain a higher respect.Or by acting dumber and more stupid than you are you may gain valuable information against your enemy plus people dont become suspicious to you + Is it not more power oriented and machiavellian to be more normal living and normal looking by society,s standards and playing in a flowing game that society present us than to be a spooky misanthrope that carries and advocates satan(The symbol of root of all evil and the greatest enemy of mankind for most of human beings)and crossing the red line of masses!?because sure the herd may not be enlightened but their rage destroys all individuality. 

        • Kevin I. Slaughter

          “Self-preservation is the highest law” is a Satanic quip.

          Revenge is good, but if you do it in a way that it ends up harming you, then that was an “unSatanic” way of going about it.

          “Is it not more power oriented and machiavellian to be more normal living and normal looking by society,s standards and playing in a flowing game that society present us than to be a spooky misanthrope that carries and advocates satan”

          It depends on the individual and his circumstances. Being a “normal guy” may get you further than being a weirdo, but not if you end up with all the rest of the “normal guys” in the mid-range of distribution, then you’ve succeeded at not only being mediocre, but while pretending to be mediocre! 

          Success in life, for a Satanist, is completely subjective. 

          What you want from the game should allow you to determine how you play it.