First of the YouTube series: Peter H. Gilmore on Art and Discrimination

My goal with these is to reuse material I already have in a new venue to try to pull a wider audience for my work, obviously…  I don’t expect the podcast and my books to be wildly popular, but I think there’s a larger audience than what I currently have.

Set up a few photoshop templates for text and images, and change the elements out for each interview subject. Excerpt a 3-5 minute audio segment and then adjust timing of template elements to match the time of the audio. Upload and fill in all the information.

I thought it was necessary for a lead-in and lead-out audio that could stay the same from one video to another to go along with the visuals before and after the . I don’t like that I use the word “excerpt” twice in the audio portion of the lead-in, and “favorite” twice in the lead out. The latter is less annoying than the former. I will probably rerecord the lead-in audio. serves as a testing ground for things I may or may not do on the UA site. I install plug-ins, etc. here before using them on

I’m also getting frustrated with Facebook not displaying content in my posts correctly, from the podcast players to flickr photo stuff, but I don’t know if there’s anything I can do about it besides putting notes like “This ___ may not show up properly in some feeds, please view the original post”.