I (nerd) Podcasts – Spring 2010

I still love podcasts… I listen to at least 2 a day, minimum. I make a podcast, and have been a guest host of others and had one that stopped shortly after it started. I’m thinking about doing a second podcast, but probably won’t.

They’re so much better than anything I’ve heard on the radio, I can listen to full shows at will when where and how I want. I use my 120 gig ipod classic, sync via itunes. I’ve got more music than space, but I hardly ever listen to music.

I’m going to be getting a smartphone pretty soon, I’ve set a difficult goal for myself before I allow myself to get a new phone – but I won’t get into that. I’ll be interested in seeing how things change when I have more access to listening to audio on demand.

Blah blah blah, all that is unnecessary lead-in to the list of my current favorites. I linked to the websites of the blogs instead of providing an iTunes link or feed link. The latter might be easier for you, but it’d be a lot harder for me to track all that down. Ya get what you pay for, quitcherbitchen.

Using the famous ALPHA-BETA system of ranking:

AltRight Radio – especially now that Richard is recording himself better. He had a terrible mic and had a hell of a time with his plosives in the first few episodes… damn near unlistenable.

Amateur Scientist Podcast – consistently funny. I made two comedic phone call contributions around episodes 93 and 94 (I’ll try to check).

American Conservative University – they aggregate Mises, Medved, Prager, Stossel and some misc. conservative radio or audio ripped from video. Some Christian garbage… okay, a lot – but some good stuff.

Cato Institute Event Podcast – Mixed bag, there’ve been some really good talks on topics I would have never considered exploring. Libertarian/free market (would a reader of my blog not know Cato?)

Radio Derb on National Review Online – Weekly news commentary from John Derbyshire. I like Derb alot, and his weekly podcast seems to touch on so many of the news items that interested me over the previous week and more. He’s got a great British sense of humor. You can listen to my interview with him on my podcast.

For Good Reason – Former host of CFI’s Point of Inquiry podcast. He’s one of my favorite hosts… quick witted and really able to discuss a range of topics. Challenges guests when he sees a hole in their argument, but never unreasonably or in a mean spirited way.

Groks Science Show – Nerdy science fun. Host needs to figure out a different word than “fascinating” to describe every book by every author he interviews.

Huffduffer: KevinISlaughter – I love this service, plugged it before. Set up an account and if you run across an mp3 file, just use a quicklink or the website to create your own podcast feed to listen to it later. There’s a social aspect to the site as well, so if you set up an account, lemme know ’cause I’d like to see what you’re finding. MY STREAM is not a “recommended for others” per se.. they’re things I want to listen to, and certainly may not end up being any good.

The Nerdist – this seems to be a comedy podcast for people who are into comedy… not like “I like to laugh”, but “I’m interested in the process”. Mythbuster’s Adam Savage did his first stand-up set for a live show and was great. I’ve enjoyed the other episodes so far, but it’s a bit too “in the biz”.

Onion Radio News – come the fuck on! How have they not run out of material?

peikoff.com Q&A on Ayn Rand – Leonard Peikoff answers listeners questions, about 10% of them are about masturbation, another 10% prostitution. The rest are okay too. (But seriously, he gets a LOT of sex questions).

Point of Inquiry – Now with three hosts instead of one, not as good as DJ Grothe. It might be bias against the new, so I won’t be too harsh. Some interesting stuff so far.

PRI’s The World in Words – Very Public Radio/NPR in themes, tone, etc., but still interesting linguistic news and topics. Well produced…

Reason.tv – Augh, video podcast… iTunes sucks for video, I’m rarely in a position to watch video on my iPod, so I end up just listening to the audio while the video plays. The video is produced really well, though.

Reasonable Doubts – Solid atheist/skeptic/counter-apologetics. They know what they’re talking about in that area.

Skepticality – a must.

Skeptoid – I’m Brian Dunning, and you must subscribe to this podcast.

Superego – funniest podcast ever. Listen to all of them.

Terror Transmission – I was never a big horror movie nerd, but this is a fun podcast. I’m pals with Matt too, so I’m biased.

This Week In Google – Nerd it up!

This Week In Tech – Ditto Dorko!