Book Nerd :: John Waters “Role Models”

I bought a copy to be signed at Atomic the day before he was there. The day of I wouldn’t have been able to make it, and from photos of the line, I’m glad I didn’t. I met John at the gay bookstore a few years ago for a signing of the reprinting of an expanded edition of Crackpot.

Since I was asked to write what I wanted him to dedicate the book to, I put down “Rev. Slaughter”… I had G. Gordon Liddy autograph a copy of “Will” to that same name as well.




Now I get to pull out the protective covering for the dust jacket and bone folder so that one day, many years from now, when I die, the jacket will be in pristine condition when someone throws my possessions away.

Book Nerd :: Dalrymple and Wayfinding Design (UPDATE)


Theodore Dalrymple “Not With a Bang but a Whimper”
(came with a dented and dirty jacket, pissed, but I’ll keep it)

Read an excerpt from his other book that I’ve read “Life at the Bottom

David Gibson “The Wayfinding Handbook”
(came bent as it was partially wrapped around other book in tight box,
it’s a “work book”, so not such big deal)


Dalrymple excerpts, both from the essay “What the New Atheists Don’t See”:

I first doubted God’s existence at about the age of nine. it was At the school assembly that I lost my faith. We had been given to understand that if we opened our eyes during prayers God would depart the assembly hall. I wanted to test this hypothesis. Surely, if I opened my eyes suddenly, 1 would glimpse the fleeing God? What I saw instead, it turned out, was the headmaster, Mr. Chinon, intoning the prayer with one eye closed and the other open, with which he beadily surveyed the children below for transgressions. I quickly concluded that Mr. Clinton did not believe what he said about the need to keep our eyes shut. And if he did not believe that, why should I believe in his God? in such illogical leaps do our beliefs often originate, to be disciplined later in life (if we receive enough education) by elaborate rationalization.

In response to Hitchens “Religion Poisons Everything”

In fact, one can write the history of anything as a chronicle of crime and folly. Science and technology spoil everything: without trains and IG Farben, no Auschwitz;  radios and mass-produced machetes, no Rwandan genocide.
First you decide what you hate, and then you gather evidence for its hatefulness. Since man is a fallen creature (I use the term metaphorically rather than in its religious sense), there is always much to find.