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MySpace Blog Archive from Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I was running a small mail order company called “Sin Set Books” for a short window of time, specializing in vintage adult paperbacks (i.e. dirty books).

Sin Set Interview
By Kristofer
Rake Magazine Issue 1 (Sweden)

Kevin I. Slaughter is the proprietor of an online shop and coined the term Sin Set for his business and life. He’s outspoken and opinionated, and will probably piss off most people who listen to what he has to say. What I expected would be a discussion of the kitschy 1960’s smut paperbacks that he sells turned into the unveiling of a social philosophy that gives no heed to political or social propriety. I believe this dialogue shows my inability to steer the conversation to where I wanted it, but I admit that I was taken completely by surprise. Since the essence of an interview is to reveal the personality of the subject, I will let it stand as is.

What’s the difference between a Sin Setter and a Jet Setter?

A Sin Setter is much sleazier, I suppose. Jet Setters have cash, and they want to show it off. A Sin Setter has a hard on, and wants to take care of it. Jet Setters will try to guess what brand shoes you have on, a Sin Setter will try to guess how long they can get your skirt off. But I suppose it’s not just that simple. I can’t define it cut and dry for you. Take, for example, a Jet Setter will fly to Mardi Gras to party, and there may be Sin Setters there, it’s just that the Sin Setters probably won’t remember how they got there, or why they are wearing someone else’s socks.

What differentiates a Sin Setter from any old drunk, horny asshole?

Sometimes, not a whole lot. It’s probably deliberation. A Sin Setter is deliberate and not self-deceitful. Sin Setters are unrepentant, because they know there’s no need to be. I don’t mean that they’ll commit mayhem and not care, but it does mean they know that people are selfish and piggish… It may seem “cold” or “cruel” to be so straightforward, but to paraphrase Wolf Larson, “The earth is as full of brutality as the sea is full of water. Some men get sick from one, some men get sick from the other.”
I’m not the person who judges who is or is not a Sin Setter, I think it probably has to do with the basic wolf pack mentality, why would I want to tolerate someone else who may be competition if I don’t have to? It’s like keeping an ugly or fat person as company; it’ll certainly make you look better. You hang around with beautiful people, you’re not going to shine like a snow blossom, unless you’ve got character that they don’t.
One of my best friends is a rock n’ roll guy. He dresses in jeans all the time. It works for him, it’s his look. I only wear jeans when I have to do physical labor, and let me tell you; that’s as infrequent as possible. We’ve got different styles, and are going for different things. Some situations I look better, in others, he does. It works out.

Now, how does selling books make you a Sin Setter?

I’ve got these books, I want to sell them. Selling them doesn’t make me a Sin Setter, just as sitting in the cockpit of an airplane doesn’t make you a pilot. The books are about the carnal nature of man, from the cover to the content. They’re sleazy and sordid and most of the time amoral. I’m what some people call a “reader”, I recommend people giving it a try. I’m not saying that “Bedroom Alibi” or “Shame Slave” are going to make for a better society, but they sure as hell are a lot more fun than anything Oprah is going to push on you.
Another thing about these books is that they are published in a time when heterosexuality was actually exciting. For some reason the past decade has been about making homosexuality cool, and I could give a fuck less. I don’t care if you are a homosexual or asexual, but I’m a guy that likes to have sex with females, and I want to celebrate that. I’m not going to have a straight pride parade, but I’m not going to take fashion tips from someone who wants to attract other men either. The 60’s and 70’swere a reaction against the sexless 40’s and the 80’s and 90’s were a reaction against the heterosexual 60’s and 70’s. Sure, you still have an occasional fag bashing, but I’ve seen orthodox Jews throwing rocks at an Italian kid who was riding his bike through their neighborhood as well. It’s not a total aberration, but now an exception rather than the norm. It’s human nature to dislike things that are different, because we’re still animals and fear for our well being in an instinctual sort of way. They say that “hate” is taught, but I disagree. I think it’s perfectly normal to hate and love, but it’s how you discriminate that makes the difference. What society is pushing for now is a total lack of discrimination, and that’s just stupid. You tell me if a McDonald’s hamburger is the same thing as Ruth Chris filet. I don’t believe 50 Cent is the equal to Frank Sinatra.

I would think that there are similarities to Sin Setters and the American Hip Hop world. They are both heterosexually oriented (often to the point of homophobia), and hold sex and materialism as more important than humanitarianism for sure.

I can see where you’re going, but I’m not interested in the comparison. Though the idea of the Sin Set isn’t overtly an intellectual one, it doesn’t reject it like much of Hip Hop culture. The ideas and aesthetics that are held by the Sin Set aren’t generally present in Hip Hop, and not to any developed degree. I will say that older black men are probably some of the best dressers though. I rarely see a white person in anything other than a baseball hat, but you’ll see an old black man sporting a fine Fedora. Hip Hop also gives so much lip service to Christianity, and that’s always telling.

Telling of what?

Christianity is a religion of subservience. The mere fact that it’s a major religion in the first place is enough, but then there are so many levels where theism in any form contradicts with man’s animal natures. I suppose if I felt the need to manipulate someone who I knew was religious, I’d pepper my speech with the words “spirit” and “god”, but it always leaves a foul taste in my mouth afterwards. I don’t make a habit of kowtowing to anything that has no pragmatic effect or aesthetic appeal, and certainly not to anything like Christianity that is antithetical to human nature.

What do you mean by manipulate? Do you think it’s okay to use people?

Again, I suppose my language comes off as 8220;cold”, but that’s what human interaction is. You manipulate others to do your bidding. You want a kiss, you say the right words, do the right things. Even a masochist manipulates others to hurt them. How many times have you heard of or known a woman who seems to just keep going back to some asshole. Well, she’s a masochist and is not only fulfilling a need that she has, but has probably learned what to say and do to create the necessary drama that leads to abusive situations. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t applicable across the board, but you can’t say that I’m lying either.
You manipulate the world around you to suit your will. Some people are fucked up, and then lead a fucked up life in fucked up surroundings. I don’t care WHY, that’s just the way it is. If you want to be successful at something, do you get advice from a chronic failure, or do you look to the best in your field of interest? Your average lady knows how to get free drinks at a bar, because men are suckers for females. I mean, it’ll be a lot harder if you’re fat or cripple, but that’s the way it is in the jungle as well. Hyenas and vultures eat what’s left over from the lion’s meal. It’s a combination of the proverbial nature and nurture. You’ve got to make the most of what you have, and understanding your limitations can take you just as far as understanding your strengths.
So, of course it’s okay to use people, that’s what they are there for. You use a car to get you from point A to point B. A Hyundai will get you there, but a Mercedes will get you there in comfort and better style. The Volkswagen Beetle was the Third Reich’s car for the masses, and just like the sexless Earth Shoe, it’s written all over it. The Sin Set is not for “the people”. There’s no membership drives or charity events. We don’t have meetings or a president. Certainly anyone who wanted to convert others to his way of life wouldn’t speak to you as I’m doing now. If I wanted that, I’d find easy work as a priest or social crusader of some sort. The only thing that separates me from that is I’m happy and make enough money by not bullshitting myself or you. Not everyone can do that, but I couldn’t care. I don’t want janitors to be lawyers, I don’t want surgeons to be fry cooks. I’m not going to be the president of the US, but I can damn well be happy.

If you are atheistic than why use the Christian concept of sin to denote your outlook?

I use the term Sin like the Salvation Army uses its militant nomenclature. It’s evocative and though not literally denotative, it represents the idea in a way that communicates. My neighbors’ wife is an obese Mexican lady, so I’m not litteraly trying to break the Christian sins. But I agree with Anton LaVey that what the church preaches goes against the basic urges, and since I’m not a masochist I want to indulge in those things that feed my hunger.

Well you certainly have these things thought out, though I can’t say that I agree with you.

Not to be rude, but I don’t care if you agree with me. That’s another thing that separates me from the clergy and the abolitionists of our era. I’m not trying to change your opinion. If you worship Jesus or a pile of cow dung, it makes no difference to me one way or another. If you hate blacks or diabetics, it’s not going to change my life or make me loose any sleep. That’s your problem. If you take criminal action based on these beliefs, then it’s a matter for the police.

But when corporations manipulate people through false advertising and the same manipulation that you are talking about using yourself, you don’t think that’s bad?

I think it’s ill-advised for anyone to take anything at face value. You think advertising is manipulative? That’s what it’s supposed to do. Are you afraid that stupid people will get suckered into buying something they don’t need? Welcome to the history of the human race. There have been nostrum salesmen since there were enough people to make it worth the effort of bottling the stuff. Do you know that the only reason diamonds are expensive is because the company that controls the majority of the diamond trade limits the distribution of them to keep the prices that way. Does a diamond ring really mean you love someone? No, it never has. It means that you can afford it and you know that the person receiving it believes in the value of it. On one level it’s a symbol of self sacrifice, a sort of reverse dowry. I think X dollar amount of you. I can afford Y amount of money on a rock. People have bought into this for quite some time, and I’m not going to shout from the rooftops about the corruption in the diamond trade, I’m just not going to buy any- unless I think it’s to my advantage. If I think I can gain something more precious or valuable than the diamond, and by buying that diamond attain it… you’ll see me in the jewelry shop talking karats. I’m not angry at Cecil Rhodes over the whole thing.
The Bible (the theoretical guide for a majority of Americans) doesn’t say anything about diamond rings, and it’s not a requirement of civil law.
I haven’t graduated from college, but I’ve educated myself. ‘m an ignorant man on many things, and I’m sure as hell not the prettiest face you’ll encounter in a day, but I’m not willing to play games I don’t want to, and willing to take the consequences of my actions. I’ll also take credit for my achievements.

I feel that going back to discussing the books and merchandise you sell would be anticlimactic at this point. Is there something else you’d like to say in closing?

I don’t know about that. The books I sell and items I deal with on the Sin Set site have just as many stories and ideas independent of my personal slant. They’ve been involved in lawsuits and there are all sorts of incredible stories about authors and publishers. I guess I’ll just say that I appreciate the interview. These topics are really complex and people get so damn touchy about them. Things aren’t simple, but you often have to deal with them in simple ways in order to move on to things more important to you. I don’t like to give out my opinions unless I’m asked; it’s a habit I recommend everyone try to adopt. Protest less and enjoy more. There are plenty of beautiful things in this world, don’t try to deprive me of mine.

Pindrops and Cathedral Bells – Archived interview from 2000.

The following is an archive of an interview done for a website called “Pindrops and Cathedral Bells”.  I’ve left the formatting as it was on the website. I wasn’t sure of the exact date, but it has pictures from an event in 2000 that I hosted, and I think this happened shortly after that, so I’m dating it back to July of that year.

I was running a mail-order company called the Den of Iniquity at the time, and was starting the Boyd Rice fan site that was at but then moved to and was given over to Brian Clark.

den of iniquity (a talk with kevin slaughter)
(kevin and heather)
unlike most people in the surrounding area, kevin slaughter is a very productive person. he is constantly at work on something, be it organizing a show, recording music, or filling orders for his distro. the following is an attempt to shed some light on his activities. i would like to personally thank him for taking the time to answer these questions.
q. first off, how about telling a little about how you got involved in the underground music scene?
a. when i was quite young, i was involved in a garage band called “black earth”. it wasn’t very good, and i was basically mimicking glen danzig (i was the singer), and everyone else tried to emulate whomever they were influenced by. i would say this was underground music, if nothing else but for the fact that nobody heard it. maybe “occult” would be better, since it was certainly hidden and a secret (not necessarily by choice). i can’t even remember how old i was. it was early high school. my first year of high school i published a magazine called “modern anarchist”. my conspirator and i published all the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the teaching and administrative staff at our school. i had actually published a magazine in middle school with the same guy. i have no idea what was in it. that was awhile back. i suppose my interest in the underground has evolved because i’ve been interested in what i could do, and was interested in. my musical interests are fairly eclectic, but when involving myself in a project, even in an ancillary manner, i want it to be with a group that i know will either appreciate or be deserving of that involvement.
q. when did you decide that you wanted to be more than a mere consumer and what were your first projects, musical and otherwise?
a. as mentioned previously, i’ve always been interested in producing and distributing my own work. when i was about eleven, i would sell photocopies of my artwork to the neighborhood kids. it was mainly depictions of g.i. joe style soldiers, pretty good work for my age, but it makes an amusing illustration of a budding young entrepreneur. i enjoy being a consumer. i like buying neat stuff. but i’ll consider myself to be an enlightened consumer. i know that everything that is being produced not only tries to fill a need, but creates more false needs. it’s essential to keep yourself in check. follow your passions, but make sure they are your passions, and not someone else’s – transplanted onto you by a barrage of media. i didn’t have cable for the longest time, because i didn’t want to be exposed to a lot of that, now where i live the cable wasn’t cut off, i assume because of the two large dogs inside the 8 foot fence we have, so they just stopped billing us. so i’ll watch it occasionally. it’s about control i suppose.
q. would you say that you are happy with the progress that you have made since that time?
a. most certainly. there’s always more that could have been done, but the point is to be enjoying life now.
q. at this point, what projects are you most involved in?
a. wow. well, right now (like what i stopped working on to finish this!), i’m setting up a tribute web page to boyd rice/non called “long live death”. i’m editing and ready to publish three booklets. as always, working on the design, marketing, and development of the den of iniquity. occasionally do some music (i just finished a cd under a different name, i’m not plugging it because i don’t want it to be associated with me). i’m always working on something, it’s what gets me up in the morning…er…midday.
q. you consider yourself to be a satanist. what exactly does this mean to you?
a. it means that i am a god. this usually needs a bit of explaining, but is sometimes fun to just leave out on its own. for you, i will explain, but will try to keep it brief, since answering this question alone to the fullest could easily fill up a book. i’m not interested in typing that, and you’re publishing a zine, not a book. satanism is a religion separate from christianity. it is a part of the same culture that christianity is part of, but then the two have existed in some form or another before they were applied the names they have now. this is true when considering many different aspects. satanism is a philosophy that is both rigid and free, conundrum to say the least. to find out what satanism is in general, read the “satanic bible” by anton lavey. since you specified what it means to me, then i will reiterate that they are my views, and do not represent those of the church of satan, but i do not feel that they contradict those views either. we are animals. we eat, and fuck, sometimes we sit around, sometimes we work, we always die – sooner or later. although terribly simple and straightforward, these ideas seem to be almost entirely antithetical to the christian religion, and many major belief systems prevalent in the world. in a very simplified way, satanism is a “belief system” (not a doctrine of faith), that strangely enough says “that’s the way it is, you better enjoy it”. it is not a “do what you want, no matter what”, but a “do what you want, but think about it first”. compulsive hedonism is just as alien to me as some sort of divinely inspired abstinence from all things considered “bad”. it’s up to me to decide what would positively or negatively affect me (read: good and evil). why the hell would i leave something that important to a book, or a group of people, or an invisible boogie man who wants to do bad things to me if i don’t completely submit to their invisible will?
q. in your opinion, where do you see underground music heading? many lines have been crossed in an attempt to maintain some sort of originality, but the ideologies of many have become extremely blurred. for example, the rise of national socialist imagery in black metal and electronic music. do you see this as being an outpouring of actual beliefs or simply a shock tactic?
a. it’s most certainly both. i was hanging out with a band who used a lot of blatantly n.s. imagery. we talked about various topics and then one of them asked me if i was a real nazi. i was a bit stunned by the question. i gave the answer i always give to that, “the only nazis that i know of are really old, because nazism as a political movement died at the end of ww2″. nazism as an idea, and national socialism survive, but they are in a different time and place. i think it’s an injustice to what was to say that what is, is the same thing. there is a definite nazi chic. i’m down with it, but i know what i believe, and don’t backpedal or try to whitewash my beliefs. we see this red herring shit all the time. not only that, but blatant lies and hypocrisy. it’s a part of the game. “might is right” means to me that there just simply is no purity. that when someone tries to establish purity, there will be some degenerate that will use it to further some degenerate goal, one that will often contradict the facade of purity.
q. what are your views on gun control?
a. my views on gun control are pretty straight forward. i think that crimes need to be punished. i don’t see how owning a tool should be a crime, but i do see how a person of specific character or mental status can be criminalized. guns are different from other tools, because they are specifically designed for killing things. certainly there are exceptions, such as the soft-kill technology, but i doubt many people keep the bedside pistol loaded with rubber bullets. i won’t get into how statistics are used by the so-called left or the so-called right to totally distort the reality of crime and shooting deaths, because i just don’t give a shit. i don’t think that violent crime statistics are necessary when you are talking about a law abiding citizen owning a firearm. i don’t think it is necessary to tell me how many stupid children blew their fucking faces off with pappy’s pistol while he’s in an unconscious stupor. if people can’t take care of their children, i don’t think their damn children will grow up to do any better. it’s probably best that they don’t grow up. if some thug nigger wants to pop a cap at some other thug nigger, then punish them for that. take precautionary measures and search their residence for illegal firearms and narcotics. put them the fuck in jail, not for owning a firearm, but for being a criminal. i just don’t see how anyone could think that there is any other reason to “control guns”.
q. is there a very high crime rate in your area? if so, what is being done about it?
a. that’s a hard one to answer. in my city, there is crime. i think a lot of the violent crime is limited to the neighborhoods that are inhabited by socially and financially impoverished minorities. there are frequent bank robberies, but i think the biggest crime is perpetrated every day in our classrooms and over our television broadcasts. i think there is an influence bearing down on our children that is causing them to become interested in criminal activities. i don’t know that i’m aware of any kids who, without influence of so-called “peers”, went out to go smoke crack-cocaine and spray paint the side of a building. i don’t think i’ve ever seen a young person start smoking dope without coming into contact with other people who are into it. marijuana isn’t a “gateway” drug, but the criminal lifestyle that goes along with it perpetrates a paranoia and fosters many activities that are counterproductive. but then again, i personally don’t give a shit if people want to smoke pot, or crack, or huff gas, or glue or spray paint. i don’t care because it won’t affect me unless they decide, while in this altered state, to interact with me. at this point, they are a pest, and should be dealt with as such. a pest on crack you just have to deal with differently than say, a psychic vampire. i believe in justice, but think that the laws need a bit of adjusting in order to dispense justice in a more rapid and accurate manner. how to adjust those laws? i don’t know.
q. do you think that things will get better or worse in the near future? is it really the end or just paranoia?
a. i’d have to say that things are just getting. not really better or worse, they are just changing. if you are inferring the popular past-time topic of revolution or some sort of bloody mass movement, then i’d say i don’t predict one. i think that people are way too subservient and complacent for anything like that. the new year was the big indicator for me. what happened? a few credit card machines in holland malfunctioned. people couldn’t get their special edition millennium gap t-shirts, or whatever the cultural equivalent is in holland. i couldn’t believe it. i watched the news on new year’s eve, and nothing. i believe that if there was some type of rampaging lunatic, it would be suppressed until at least the next morning, in fear of copycat criminals taking it as a cue for their own little pogrom. the next day, nothing. i looked at all the “alternative” media sources i could find. looks like two kids in colorado made bigger news than the year 2000. not that i think that this calendar flipping event should have caused any hysteria, but then i don’t believe in some guy who was nailed to a stick, died, came back to life, went to a dreamy place in the clouds, and will one day come back to earth (very soon, as they’ve said every year for the past 2000 years) to take all the “good” people to cloud-land. these people are deranged, but harmless in general.
q. what do you think can be done to make the world a better place?
a. if everyone could send me their money, i promise, this world will be a better place. that’s about the best advice i think i should give. since i tend to go on, though, i will offer a few others. these are just off the cuff, so…
<a>  do something you enjoy.
<b> help someone who deserves it, if you think what they are doing is worthwhile to you. it’s not self-sacrifice if it brings you pleasure.
<c> don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are the smartest, strongest, quickest, or brightest. you’re not. you might be better than the average bear, but there are people that are many times better in whatever aspect you think is your strongest. in other words, everyone has to wipe their own ass, some people make art with it, and are then interesting.
<d>  people can fuck up occasionally, but when people are fuck-ups, they are best to be avoided.
i don’t care to come across as some humanitarian, because it’s just not that way. the fact is that there are way too many fuck-ups that have to be avoided, and sometimes it is too late when you find out someone is one. i’ve said so many times, “i’ll only regret the times i worked with other people”. that holds up pretty true. it’s easy to forget that other people aren’t going to be as excited or sincere about things that you are involved in.
q. who are some musicians, writers, artists, etc. that you think could be beneficial to those who are looking for a better way of life?
a. hmm…i’m a big fan of boyd rice’s work, obviously. but you know, as far as music goes, i wish that a long time ago i stopped purchasing more than 2 cds in any one genre of music. there is so much incredible music out there, but there is a limit to how many good musicians are in any one genre. i’m having a hard time answering this question, because i don’t think that too many others would share my tastes, and that is important. one of the best criteria for a book or musical work, is how many times it is picked up and used after the initial excitement of obtaining it has passed. i’ve got three big bookshelves filled with everything from charles manson to mark twain. sex, psychology, murder, manners, satanism, and so on. my most used, and therefore most beneficial books aren’t there. they are usually beside my computer, or reside in the back of the toilet in the old “ritual chamber”.
q. are you planning anything big for the near future? new axis mundi material, live shows, etc?
a. i’m very excited about a lot of things just on the verge of coming to fruition. i’m just about to release a short film by boyd rice called “black sun”. i’ve also secured the exclusive distribution to 3 other videos, two more that have never been available. one of the three has never been shown in public! i will be releasing the 1940’s speech by robert eisler titled “man into wolf: an anthropological interpretation of sadism, masochism, and lycanthropy”. this is one of those books that is never on the bookshelf until i clean up the office or library. i think it is essential reading, but that’s why i’m publishing the speech in booklet form. i’ve started and then had to bury way too many projects because other people couldn’t come through. i think i’d probably have produced much more than i have if i would have focused on projects that i could complete by myself. maybe it’s because i don’t play well with others, but then maybe others don’t play well. who’s to say? basically it’s a matter of finding out what works, and following through with that. so, i’ve got a bunch of stuff in the works, but am hesitant to promote them because a lot of them rely on the participation of other people.
q. that’s about all of the questions that i have for now. would you like to freely promote anything else at this time?
a. i think you’ve allowed me to “plug away” within the confines of the previous questions. there are a lot of great books, cds, movies…but there are also quite a few great parks and highways, and cities. all the great cities are a good drive, but take the time, you’re only alive once!
contact: (deleted)
website: (deleted)
here you’ll find info on all of kevin’s projects plus lots of other cool things.
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(live at the satanic shindig 2000 on 4/30/00)