Book review – The Mucker

Book review – The Mucker

I’ve been asked to write some book reviews for the magazine “Not Like Most”. Though not a critical review by any means, it’s just my way to enthusiastically recommned a book. A few books I want to cover: “Candy” by T. Southern and M. Hoffburg and “The Candy Men” by Niles Southern (reading the latter now). “Sock” by Penn Jillette, “Eyeing The Flash: The Education of a Carnival Con Artist” For non-fiction: “The Unfit: A History of a Bad Idea”, “The Future of Man” and maybe one other book on Eugenics, “A Natural History of Rape”, a few books by R.E.L. Masters and Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe. Shit, there are so many.

I never completed all the reviews, so, this is a sample of what was done…


The Mucker – 1921

Edgar Rice Burroughs

This could be the ultimate men’s adventure novel. Most known for creation of Tarzan, and the numerous novels detailing jungle adventures, Burroughs (1875-1950) wrote this and a sequel that features a very brutal Tarzan-like figure.

While watching movies over at Chris X’s house, during a break a thought popped into his head and he tore off to his library (where he keeps a vast collection of skulls, bones and the like) and then shortly walked back downstairs. Almost marching up to me I saw he had a book in his hand and he slapped it square into my palm. I don’t remember him mentioning it before, but I couldn’t think of a stronger recommendation than that. Returning home that night I immediately started in on it.

Mucker is turn of the century term for a street thug. Billy Byrn, the protagonist, is incredibly described:

Billy was a mucker, a hoodlum, a gangster, a thug, a tough. When he fought, his methods would have brought a flush of shame to the face of His Satanic Majesty. He had hit oftener from behind than from before. He had always taken every advantage of size and weight and numbers that he could call to his assistance. He was an insulter of girls and women. He was a bar-room brawler, and a saloon-corner loafer. He was all that was dirty, and mean, and contemptible, and cowardly in the eyes of a brave man, and yet, notwithstanding all this, Billy Byrne was no coward.
He was what he was because of training and environment. He knew no other methods; no other code. Whatever the meager ethics of his kind he would have lived up to them to the death. He never had squealed on a pal, and he never had left a wounded friend to fall into the hands of the enemy—the police.

The term itself describes someone who has run amok, and this sets up our conscientiousless anti-hero for the main struggle that lies outside his brute force, the struggle of class and his views of those “above” him socially. Not that this plays out as some sort of commie class-war pamphlet, certainly not. The resolution will probably surprise you, as it did I.

Starting in the filthy and cruel streets of turn of the century Chicago, The Mucker starts as a street gang story. Billy Byrne becomes Shanghaied and it swiftly moves into a great tale of the sea, with the brutality that anyone who’s been entertained by Jack London’s “The Sea Wolf” would expect. As if this wasn’t enough, the ship wrecks on an island inhabited by headhunters and Japanese warriors that were kicked-out of their own country generations before and retain the warrior system of the 16th century (with proper Samurai armor and weaponry). Once this scenario has resolved itself, the Mucker comes back state-side and continues his boxing career.

There is a love-interest in the story, but not without its own tensions. The ship that Bily finds himself on takes some well-to-do captives to try to obtain a significant ransom. The lady, of class and breeding is not used to the lowly and wretched ways of the mates on the ship. She’s above them and is resolute in her elitism. Upon recognizing Billy as the man that had killed a man who had loved her and tried to protect her in the raid on her ship, her instant reaction was this:

“Coward!” came the one word, involuntarily, from her lips.

The man’s scowl deepened menacingly. He took a threatening step toward her.

“Wot’s dat?” he growled. “Don’t get gay wit me, or I’ll black dem lamps fer yeh,” and he raised a heavy fist as though to strike her.

The mucker had looked to see the girl cower before his threatened blow–that would have been ample atonement for her insult, and would have appealed greatly to his Kelly-gang sense of humor. Many a time had he threatened women thus, for the keen enjoyment of hearing their screams of fright and seeing them turn and flee in terror. When they had held their ground and opposed him, as some upon the West Side had felt sufficiently muscular to do, the mucker had not hesitated to “hand them one.” Thus only might a man uphold his reputation for bravery in the vicinage of Grand Avenue.

He had looked to see this girl of the effete and effeminate upper class swoon with terror before him; but to his intense astonishment she but stood erect and brave before him, her head high held, her eyes cold and level and unafraid. And then she spoke again.

“Coward!” she said.

The Mucker is in public domain and can be found in its entirety at the Project Gutenberg.

Wholesale Gods

I’m not going back and editing.correcting this, it was written in a half awake state…
I had the worst nightmare I’ve had in a log long time.. so I “fell in” with this couple… they were involved with this whoesale club. They had their sales patter down, and they repeated it over and over again. Somehow they were selling me their aparment and I’d moved in, or they’d moved in with me. Hell, this wholesale club thing seemed like an okay deal, you could get stuff cheap. I bout something. I’m having a hard time remembering what I bought. Man, they kept repeating their mantra, I feel sick and so fucked up right now. They were assholes, this wasn’t a club but a cult. Everything that you coud buy was generic and stupid, I didn’t want the stuff but they laid on the hard sell, kept repeating their pitch, over and over again. “Get the fuck out of my face!” I couldn’t take it anymore. I killed the guy, I broke his fucking back as he made the pitch one more time. I ried him up like a chicken and I fucking ate him and ed him to his excited and indoctrinated girlfriend as she pitched me. I told her that she was eating her boyfriend and that if she didn’t get out I was going to fucking kill her. She tried to hard sell me. Their room was filed with top of the line electronics and generic furnature from the wholesale club, I just wanted them dead, I was sick of the mantra, I don’t want any of their crap. I fucking killer her too, I wish I could kill them both again I’m so fucked up right now. So I left the apartment and walked out into the street. There was someone on the street trying to give me the hard sell, holy fuck, they’d gotten the whole neighborhood. “You fucking assholes, what are you doing, this isn’t going to fucking work out, everybody can’t be a fucking salesman for this wholesale club, why are you doing this?! I couldn’t understand it, these people had the enthusiasm of brainwashed Krishna’s. In my dream, at this point – total Twilight Zone television scene – my point of view zooms out into the sky, first I see my house/apartment, there’s a skylight and the couple’s giant new flat screen television is on and blaring a videotape from the wholesale club… pans out, there are 8 apartments around it, all with skylights, all with huge television screens. In these rooms there are people still left watching. There they are in their dirty bathrobes, stained underwear. Slobs and idtiots all getting psyched up for the hard sell. They’ll get dressed up and go out in the mornig, they’re new people with a new goal in life. Zooms back, the neighborhood, the world. Assholes. I freak out, drag myself from this hell world into waking up to the real world – waking up to my television left on from last night, an infomercial on with all the catch phrases and pitches I’ve been hearin over and over again for what seems like hours and hours. I reel in total disorder and confusion, I see now what was cauing me such anger, my television being on and indocrinating me in my sleep… I lunged at it and turned it off, slamming my knee into something. My stomach is in knots, I have faint echos of the hard sell realing through my mind and a feeling like I didn’t kill enough. I could interpret this dream a hundred different ways. Theism, consumer culture, etc. etc. all obvious. I won’t though, I can’t, I can only do my best to get rid of it as best I can.


Benn Ray had the unenviable task of editing three lengthy e-mails into a songle possibly coherent section for his newsletter. Though the final result is a point counterpoint in his favor (him always getting counterpoint), I did leave it up to his to edit it and that’s exactly what I expected. He had the chance to revise any statements in response to mine, though I haven’t made a comparison of all the relavent exchanges to see what, if anything, diverges: From the MobtownShank e-mail list: XXVII.



by Kevin I. Slaughter & Benn Ray

The following is a conversation in response to the Random Factoid in week’s Shank, “Hypocrites Love Porn” in which we reported on a study by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washingon (CREW),, showing the link between anti-porn Senators and Congressmen and porn money. Kevin I. Slaughter is the proprietor of Sin Set Books ( Benn Ray is the proprietor of Atomic Books (

KEVIN: So I wasn’t shocked by the figures given in the “Hypocrites Love Porn” section of the latest Shank. In fact, it was no surprise at all. Okay, sure, I think most moralists are hypocrites, but that wasn’t the cause of my less than excitable state. I thought it was kinda bullshit. Not that those people didn’t get those sums of money from companies, but how it was presented. I know you just copied and pasted some numbers into the Shank, but of course both their (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) presentation and your truncated presentation of the figures are misleading. But, since you do research for your other articles, I digged a bit here and there. The Shank got me goin’, and I tried to present my objections here in a civil and thoughtful way (though maybe a bit rambling) while still calling bullshit. If you go to the report you see that both General Motors and AT&T are included in the list. These are not pornographers. Not one corporation on the list specializes in pornography. No Vivid CEO or even the guy who makes Real Dolls. Not Playboy or Larry Flynt. Comcast is likened to being a ‘porn peddler’. Are they talking about the Olson Twins? At no time in the report does it state that any of the corporations are in the business of actually manufacturing pornography. At worst, they provide a medium to deliver goods. By saying AT&T are porn peddlers, you can say that about the post office. When you think of a national Hotel Chain, do you consider them to be pimps and panderers? I don’t. I think they provide a service of selling some porno, just like they might have a few bottles of booze in the mini-fridge.

BENN: And do you have any idea how much money adult movies garner for the Hotel Industry? They generate higher revenues than the mini-bars! “An estimated 40 percent of the nation’s hotels offer adult movie options, which account for about 90 percent of pay-per-view revenue. Based on estimates provided by the hotel industry, at least half of all guests at hotels such as Marriott and Holiday Inn pay to view adult movies. These orders result in approximately $190 million a year in sales.” I’d say that puts Marriott and Holiday Inn in the porn business.” (That’s from Citizens For Ethics, and here’s the .pdf of the report: Some analysts say these in-room sex movies generate more money for the hotel chains like Marriott and Hilton than revenue from the hotels’ mini-bars. “The 5 percent or 10 percent of revenue that the hotel chain gets, that’s pure profit to them because they have no cost,” says Dennis McAlpine, an entertainment industry analyst. “They didn’t put in the wiring system, they didn’t supply the programming.”

KEVIN: The report talkes about AT&T making $20 million per month on broadband pornography. I don’t have the source that it’s referencing. I’d be inclined to believe that it makes that sum a month on providing broadband services that can, by choice of the subscriber then be used to view porn (they reference the ‘Hot Network’ merely one of I’m sure a multitude of services they provide) or baseball scores or anything else. The wording there isn’t straight forward. Did they make $20 million on this ‘Hot Network’? You’d be inclined to assume that, because the sentences are together, but they don’t say that.

BENN: To put it more into perspective: “Americans spend upward of $450 million per year on adult entertainment via pay-per-view TV, which provides huge profits for content providers such as AOL Time Warner and Comcast.” (again,

KEVIN: They are two separate statements. To say that “only too happy to accept political contributions from those who derive income from the sale of pornography” is a pretty specious claim at best.

BENN: Then at this point, the argument becomes one of percentages. The initial source website states: “Yet while denouncing the decline in public morality, many of those same Members accept money from corporations that derive substantial profits from pornography. Although they do not advertise it, companies as diverse as Comcast and Marriott International make enormous amounts of money by selling pornography. Ironically, some of this money winds up in the political war chests of pornography’s most outspoken Congressional critics.” You call into question percentages, which I understand and think is fair, but you are putting on a sliding scale moral absolutionists who do not, at least when speaking to their public, deal with shades of grey. It’s giving them both sides of the coin, and they don’t deserve it. If you take money from Hotel chains or Comcast, you are taking money that has been “tainted” by the sex business. If you are morally outraged by the sex industry, you should not allow the possibility for your representation of a constituency you have supporting your anti-sex ways to come into question.

KEVIN: But they do deserve it, because it’s reality. Just because you disagree with them doesn’t mean you yourself should use such absolutionist tactics against them. Do you become bigoted against the bigot? If you like ice cream, but someone else doesn’t, do you then hate them? You take them to task on the issue.

BENN: Here you are mixing an aesthetic, a personal taste, with a system of core moral beliefs, so your comparison does not hold. The question, more appropriately should be, “If you have a friend who hates people because of the color of their skin, do you then hate that friend?” To which, I would say, yes. But again, even this is tricky because we aren’t talking friendship, we are talking politics and money.

KEVIN: One of my favorite events of last year was the Drive-In presentation of the Don Knotts vehicle “The Love God?” It was a fundraiser for I don’t like, but this was my one chance to see one of my favorite movies of all time on one of the biggest screens in the East. I went. I’m attending a concert at the end of the month. Part of the proceeds from the event are going to a religious Jewish group. I hate Judaism as much as I hate Christianity (I’m talking about the religious beliefs and not the ethnicity, it’s not an anti-semitic statement, it’s an anti-religious one). In the last 10 years this musical group has performed 5 times, and I’m not going to miss the event. In both situations my personal goals superceded my care for where some of my money went. As an egoist, holding myself as the most important concern in my life, does this make me a hypocrite?

BENN: Yes. For example, to go back to your ice cream comparison, Star Spangled Ice Cream (being Wing-Nuts, they are humor impaired) makes a Neo-Con response to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream with flavors like: Cherry Falwell (okay, I admit this name is pretty funny), Gun Nut, Iraq The Vote, I Hate The French Vanilla, Smaller GovernMINT, etc. This could be the best ice cream in the world, but I won’t buy any. And you know what? I take it once step further. The company who manufactures the ice cream that Star Spangled Ice Cream uses (yeah, they don’t actually MAKE their ice cream), is Moxley’s, and I will now not buy Moxley’s ice cream. And dude, I LOVE ice cream.

KEVIN: We can get into a semantic debate but I’d say neither my actions nor the actions of the government officials are hypocritical in the strict sense. I denounce desert superstitions that have little to no relevance in our contemporary life, I have a strong distaste for fervent political activism. In the first case I was not politically motivated, I was an excited consumer. It also helped that I ended up winning a gift certificate good for a dinner for two at Bertha’s Mussels (I had a bit of a smarmy smirk on my face when, at the end of my $50 dinner I handed over the certificate that had a hand written “Go Dems!” on the back of it, a few weeks after the election was over). In the second instance it’s the choice of the private business owner to give their money to whomever they wish, though I sent a letter telling them that I regretted part of my money was going to a religious group while attending an event that couldn’t be called anything but secular. Hypocrisy is denouncing something but still doing it yourself.

BENN: Not exactly. According to MerriamWebster, hypocrisy is “a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; especially the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion.” And that is at the core of what we are talking about. Political leaders who give the appearance of virtue to their anti-porn constituents while still taking money made off the porn industry to use to get elected.

KEVIN: These officials, though they may take money from sources that profit marginally from porn, are not themselves enabling the distribution of porn. Just as George Lincoln Rockwell can get a standing ovation from the Nation of Islam, these guys can take money from someone that might be doing something they disapprove of. They aren’t doing it themselves and the money is only going to further their cause. In the Rockwell/NoI case the social and political differences couldn’t be both more pronounced and more the same. Where there is a common interest (the separation of the races) there is a tight accord, where there are departures, the ravine couldn’t be wider (exactly who is the better race). My main point is that I think this report serves only as a paper tiger. It’s not solid, doesn’t indict.

BENN: Well, if you hate porn, and you voted for someone who you thought hates porn but takes money from industries that make a portion of their profits from porn, they you have to wonder, when it comes down to head to head legislation where your interests come up against those of pornography, who will be better served? And the millions of dollars I quoted above are hardly marginal. If Comcast gives you $10,000 and there is an anti-porn vote coming up in Congress, do you think they are gonna let you slide? Do you think there won’t be lobbyist at your office saying, “Well, Senator, we’ve enjoyed contributing to your campaigns in the past and we’d hate to have to end our relationship.” This is America, Kevin, money is as much a show of support as standing in front of a loaded gun. If you claim to be virtuous and you take tainted money, you become tainted as well.

KEVIN: William Bennet had a gambling problem to the tune of $8 million bucks.

BENN: And is considered by many to be a hypocrite. KEVIN: Strom Thurmond had a mixed baby.

BENN: I think his picture is next to the definition of the word “hypocrite” as well as next to the phrase “racist piece of shit.”

KEVIN: Kim Jong Il lives pretty well.

BENN: Nice glasses too.

KEVIN: In Baltimore, an estimated 6.2 percent of priests ordained in the past half-century have been implicated in the abuse of minors.

BENN: Go Baltimore!

KEVIN: Hypocrisy is a Swedish death metal band on Nuclear Blast Records. BENN: I bet they rock too, in that special way that Swedish genre-rock acts do. KEVIN: I think the CREW’s argument is a paper tiger, in the figurative and a more literal sense. In the figurative, I feel that the connections made between these anti-porn crusaders and monies derived from the sale of pornography are tenuous. It’s not hypocrisy, because the congressmen aren’t doing the things they are condemning (according to this report). BENN: They are taking money made off of people doing the things they are condemning. KEVIN: In the literal, I think that the CREW has probably spent an awful lot of time and other people’s money on establishing this tenuous relationship, and therefore wasted it. This is a sideways and some king of backwards ad hominem attack. It’s the political motivations of CREW that brings these charges, and not the reality of the situation. BENN: Well, they are saying these people are hypocrites, and showing a link that defines the level of hypocrisy. KEVIN: I disagree with the Joe Barton’s (head of the committee to “clean up the airwaves”) statement: “A parent should not have to think twice about the content on the public airwaves.” BENN: So do I. Do either of us have kids?

KEVIN: Joe Barton, according to CREW, took in $31,000 for the 2004 election cycle from these “porn peddlers”. According to (the same website that CREW used) his total receipts for that same period was $2,500,000 (37% coming from private donations). Let’s say that AOL Time Warner, Hilton, Comcast, et al take in, oh, a generous 10% from porn sales (highly unlikely, but an easy number to work with). That makes about $3,100 fuck bucks. Way less than 1% of the donations (about .00124) are “tainted” by the porno industry. Fred Upton got a little bit of cash too, about $32,000 total from that long list of huge cornerations. He’s the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Telecommunications are the Internet. You think Comcast and AOL Time Warner AREN’T going to try to pad this guys pockets? Hell, I’m surprised it’s such a small amount. In fact, maybe if he was a little less anti-porn, he’d get a bigger kickback. There’s an interesting idea, let’s see who got the biggest donations from AOL Time Warner (not taking into consideration private donations from employees, though CREW does this). John Kerry tops out at $411,534 George W. Bush got a mere $171,100 (but comes in second). Looking at this list of the top 20 recipients, only two of them are Republicans, the second ranking spot and the 20th ranking spot (getting $58 grand). AOL Time Warner significantly backs democrats who are probably more pro-porn than Mr. Upton and Mr. Barton. But shit, they’ve got to give SOMETHING to the chairman of the subcommittee that regulates their primary business, right?! Tenuous, tenuous, tenuous. Paper tiger that wasted time and money. CREW characterizes it as “rank hypocrisy” – at less than one percent, give me a fucking break. It’s a scare tactic from the left and it’s just as hollow as the Catholic priest’s pledge to remain chaste.

BENN: Okay, I was a little unclear about that list of top 20 recipients (what list is this? Where?), but at this point, you are agreeing with me but arguing over percentages. It’s that old W.C. Fields/Winston Churchill joke in which he insulted a woman that indicated she would marry a man for his money. After he overheard this he propositioned her and she replied “What type of woman do you think I am?” W.C./Winston responded, “We already know what type of woman you are, I’m just negotiating a price.” If Comcast makes (as cited above, 5-10% of their profits (at a much higher profit/cost ratio, I add) from Pay Per View Porn, and they donate $10,000 to your campaign, then you are 5-10% compromised. I think you’re getting hung up because you’re looking for Larry Flynt to give them money directly, and then you can say, “ah-ha! Gotcha!” But c’mon, these are politicians, they know that would be suicidal. They know where their money comes from, whose interests they must look after and how much so. KEVIN: If you owned a gas station and had a couple copies of Playboy behind the counter, you’re making a profit from pornography. You’re still in the business of selling gas and junk food, that’s your overwhelming source of income. If you are a franchise of Shell Oil or any number of petroleum companies, by the guidelines of this report, that makes them porno-profiteers. If Shell Oil then gives a campaign contribution to a political candidate, that makes it porno money? What if that gas station doesn’t sell any porn at all, but happens to be located near a strip club. At 2-3 am strippers stop to fill up their gas-tanks and buy twinkies and red-bulls… aren’t they profiting off of the sex industry?

BENN: To use your gas station analogy, I look at it more like this: Let’s say I am someone who despises pornography. I go to a gas station and notice that the top 3 rows of racks are porn magazine, I will not continue to patronize them even if none of my dollars are going to their porn, because if I do I am still supporting their business. I’m still giving money to people who do something I am morally opposed to. This provides a level of self-contradiction at best, hypocrisy at most. And it is the very same hypocrisy that politicians who take money from Comcast or Hilton are guilty of. The point is, your financial supporters are making money off of an industry you decry as vulgar to your constituency. Something here doesn’t add up.

KEVIN: This is a good point, but it also is steeped in a Manicheistic dualism that pervades this country. The silly idea in an ultimate good and evil. These moralists are fervent in claiming so many ills of society are brought forth by the viewing of humans comitting one of the most human acts possible (the act that produces generation of life – or well, in most cases, an act that we hope doesn’t produce human life) and are setting up scapegoats to focus their anger on. This is the same thing that this report does. It tries desperatly to say, look, there’s a casual link between A and B, so B equals A even though it states it is antithetical. What I was trying to say with my gas station analogy is that there are probably very few dollars in the world that aren’t “tainted” with porno money and these links aren’t.

BENN: Right, but I’m talking a one – two degree of taint, you’re talking way down the line.There is a difference, I would imagine, that these moralists would see if someone said, did a study showing a one – two degree link between their elected officials claiming to hate porn and the money they’re taking and where it’s coming to.

KEVIN: You want to call them a hypocrite, find some porn on their home computers or Tivo. Get a snapshot of one of them in leatherboy gear at the Ramrod Bar. THEN let me know about it.

BENN: I totally understand what you are saying. Yes, it makes a better story if they have their fingers in Larry Flynt’s Hustler Jar. But money is much smarter than it used to be. It filters through many channels now. If one is so morally outraged by pornography, you would think that one would be loathe to do business with anyone who derives profits from the sex industry.

KEVIN: I derive profits from pornography, so does Atomic Books. Is any service you or I support then tainted?

BENN: Yes. That most cautious politicians would think twice about accepting money from either of us. Hell, I know of local community web pages that, while they will mention Atomic Books on their site, will not link to our site like they do with other merchants because of political concerns.

KEVIN: Hey, I like porn. I own a bunch of porn (though most of it pre-1970 stuff). I’m all for anyone doing anything they want to with someone else as long as it’s consensual, even if it includes a monetary transaction.

BENN: Well so am I. I just don’t care to hear politicians using it as a tool to manipulate their constituency when the dollars they take can be traced back to the very people the demonize.

KEVIN: BTW, a bunch of Catholic priests molest children – now that’s a fact. There’s a direct link of hypocrisy there.

BENN: Say the people elect you thinking your as anti-sex as they are. Up comes a vote to block hotel chains from carrying pay-per-view adult movies. Hilton or Holiday Inn gave $25K to your last election. What side are you gonna come up on? My post was an attempt to show the hypocrisy of these people, and I think it does that.

But I forgot, you have no pity — pity is not a part of your master’s creed!

But I forgot, you have no pity — pity is not a part of your master’s creed!
Introduction to Anthony M. Ludovici’s “Who is to be Master of the World? An Introduction to the Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche”. I have not read the full work, but this was very entertaining.


Dear Mr Ludovici, —
You want me to write an introduction to your lectures? Well, you may have one — you may have one in this letter, which I allow you to reproduce verbatim in your book. To begin with then: I like your lectures — I think them, in their lucidity, even the best I have read in your language — but I hardly like the notion of your giving lectures on Nietzsche, because I think it contrary to the spirit of your great master to do this. I think it wrong to instruct people — if you have something to instruct them with. People ought to be instructed by those who have nothing to say, nothing to give, nothing to teach, nothing to do. These teachers of nothing do more good than you: they make us slaves, and you know that according to your master, all higher culture must be based upon slavery. Why then interfere with the natural process of enslavement, of stultification, of education which is going on around us? Why not act up to your Machiavellian principles, and rather lecture on the drama, socialism, folklore, the sins of the upper classes, or the sanitation of Mayfair? Why make a creed popular, which ought to remain esoteric? But you wish to gain friends to “the Cause.” Do you think to make them in a lecture-room? I doubt it. Were you converted in a lecture-room? I belong to a race whose members, when they wanted to know anything, went into the desert and not to the lecture-room, and you, dear Mr Ludovici, told me yourself that, after a book of Nietzsche’s had once fallen into your hands, you found no rest or peace until you had gone to Germany, learnt German, and thought and meditated there — in the solitude of a foreign country — on Nietzsche’s teaching until you understood it. I myself have often, and unobserved by you, seen you in the British Museum walking about in the depth of thought, and I liked you for it. You think that many of your audience will be able or willing to undergo the hardships, not to say the danger, of your thought? In an age of comfort, of ease, of peace, of happiness, of humanitarian and Christian ideals, you will look out in vain for an intellectual sportsman like yourself. And have you no pity on those few who perhaps love sport and danger, and who perhaps may be willing to follow you? Will they not be like yourself, seamen upon an unknown sea, exposed to all the inclemency of the weather, to frightful fogs and terrible storms, forced to watch, day and night, for dangerous rocks, which are marked on no map yet, and only upheld by the feeble hope, that the German Columbus, after all, must have been right: that there must be a new land somewhere beyond, and that the looming coast-line there, upon the horizon, must be that land? Why drag others after you, who perhaps, after a few experiences upon the high sea of the new philosophical thought, will repent and cry for the land and the fleshpots of old England? People who in their despair may jump overboard? People who in their agony may go down on their knees and cry out: “My God, my God, why have I forsaken Thee?” Have you no pity for all their agonies, their doubts, their internal explosions? But I forgot, you have no pity — pity is not a part of your master’s creed! After all you are perhaps more of a Nietzschean than I thought, and it may after all be right to lecture on Nietzsche — because it is so cruel. Another word! A personal but important word! You are young and the sort of fellow the women, who form the principal part of audiences in your country, will listen to. They will pretend to understand — women are very clever in pretending to understand. Instead of finding yourself upon a new continent you may, therefore, land in matrimony and then get back all your lectures — free of charge — by the lecturing sex par excellence, women. Do not listen to them. Do not condescend. Don’t marry yet. Remember that even the apostles of the old creed, although followed by women, did not marry them. Remember that you too have to propagate a gospel — and not a race, and that even the propagation of the race, if it is to be worth while, can only take place after the propagation of the gospel.

— Yours sincerely,
Oscar Levy

Clothes Make the Man…

I’m not writing an essay, this is an excuse to take nate of a quote that I came upon reading Strange Sexual Practices by Iwan Bloch. As been noted by anthropologists and sociologists, modesty followed clothing, not the other way around. We weren’t ashamed of the body until we’d had it covered for quite some time. The irony is that we started covering it to ACCENTUATE our sexual appeal, and not to stunt it. But the quote is from the sick mind of a christling. How much can one hate themselves, their body and the world they are born into to have such thoughts:

“Clothes are a sign of the misery into which our navel-less first parents precipitated themselves and us their decendants who have navels. It is not, therefore, an unpardonable sin to make vain pomp and display of clothes, and use them for lust, indeed for any corruptions of the spirit as well as of the body? Should we not rather put on clothes wih great sorrow? Should we not be reminded of the Fall of our first parents every time we dress? I should certainly think so.”

- Dr. Christian Tobias Ephraim Reinhards, 1757

Fall of the West…

“I may apply to the whole of Europe what I have just said of France, and conclude that modern civilization includes far more than it absorbs; in this it resembles the Roman Empire. Hence one cannot be confident that our state of society will last; and I see a clear proof of this in the smallness of its hold even over the classes raised a little above the country population. Our civilization may be compared to the temporary islands thrown up in the sea by submarine volcanoes. Exposed as they are to the destructive action of the currents, and robbed of the forces that first kept them in position, they will one day break up, and their fragments will be hurled into the gulf of the all-conquering waves. It is a sad end, and one which many noble races before ourselves have had to meet. The blow cannot be turned aside; it is inevitable. The wise man may see it coming, but can do nothing more. The most consummate statesmanship is not able for one moment to counteract the immutable laws of the world …”
- Arthur de Gobineau, extract from “Essays on the Inequality of Human Races”

Dashiell Hammett

“Every year, when I remember to do so, I reread Dashiell Hammett’s novel, The Maltese Falcon. It reconfirms a lot of important things about American life: The business of America is business; romance is a worthwhile delusion; it’s hazardous to sleep with your partner’s wife; women who engage in serial relationships will lie to you when the truth will do them more good; existentialism is a practical philosophy for urban males to follow; and if a man developes a professional attitude towards his work, he will probably succeed where others fail.”
-Charles Willeford, from a review of Diane Johnson’s biography of Dashiell Hammett


Wrote this a while back, just found it on the hard drive.. —————————————————————–
Warning: People other than you may have differing opinions. If you get upset, angry, or even violent when you are confronted with one of these “other people”, you may need to re-evaluate your behavior. Sorry, my freedom to live and enjoy life does not hinge on your acceptance of my ideas, and your freedom is not stilted by my acceptance or rejection of yours. If I’ve offended you, move on and be happy that you have a “right” to do so. In a lesser country, you would have no choice. Don’t be a lesser man and try to abridge my choice. It works a lot better if you’re polite to others, but wasting my love for those who are clearly undeserving is disastrous, and only weakens my love for those who have shown themselves capable of understanding and even returning that love. Learn to pick your fights; attack those who are attacking you, scream and rail defiantly against those who are taking steps to remove your rights to this freedom of thought. Use your freedom of thought to read, write, and reflect. Minority does not mean black, undocumented does not mean illegal, hate does not make a crime. We are busily making 1+1=3, and all I can do is move forward.

Sexual sadism/masochism…gender roles.

It may be stated as axiomatic that it is much better, for both partners, for the man to err on the side o f too much violence and virility, in all sexual situations -whether -social, vaginal, or oral, or simply in struggling for a kiss – than to show himself too cautious and too politely considerate. All female mammals, from lionesses on down, know how to back up to, and piss upon males who do not show themselves sufficiently male in the sexual encounter. This is not a joke but a fact. Women may not express themselves in such simple pantomimes, but their real emotions are generally identical. The standard “marriage manuals” take the opposite point of view about all this, I know; but they are wrong. Terribly wrong, and intent on brainwashing their male readers. Truth to tell, a woman who will angrily refuse or sulkily spoil a man’s further sexual company, on the grounds that he seduced her a little too roughly (or tore a hole in her stockings, or mussed her hair!) possibly on their own wedding-night or similar, is the type of reclamatory bitch that any man is better off without. Conversely, no woman worthy of the name really wants as sexual consort a man who treats her in bed as though he were a white-clad anaesthetician with an ether-mask, trying to slip it to her so delicately that she will not know whether she has been made love to or has made pipi. Sex is, or should be, a matter of male penetration and female ensheathing: of violence and acceptance, of sweat and semen, of tangled limbs and hair. It is worthless when it is anything less, when it is really just masturbation a deux.
- from Oragenitalism: Oral Techniques in Genital Excitation by G. Legman (1979)