“…the Christian ideas of humility, of self-sacrifice and of brotherhood — are enemies of life…”

From “The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche”  by Henry Louis Mencken: “Reduced to elementals, Nietzsche’s philosophy consists of the following propositions: That the ever-dominant and only inherent impulse in all living beings, including man, is the will to remain alive — … Continue reading

Book Nerd :: “We Are Doomed” by John Derbyshire (updated)

Just picked up the book (at retail even! oy vey iz mir…), subtitled “Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism”… a wondrous title in a world where all major parties and advocates are doing their heavens-best to have the shiniest good-guy badge pinned to … Continue reading


Neither Bloody Nor Bowed They say of me, and so they should, It’s doubtful if I come to good. I see acquaintances and friends Accumulating dividends, And making enviable names In science, art, and parlor games. But I, despite expert … Continue reading