Wonderful review of Gun Fag Manifesto

gunfagA review of Gun Fag Manifesto was posted on the blog Culture with a Grain of Assault:

The body of work contained in this book shall become the future outlaws troubadour song. Like a layman’s 1984, Gun Fag Manifesto reminds us of the very machinations which are imposed on our rights and individual freedoms on a daily basis. Kopp’s .357 MAGNUM opus also reminds us that we are all capable and responsible for our own rights, and that means taking measures into your own hands and not letting Big Brother think for you.
While I am sure the title of this book alone will keep some from purchasing it, don’t be fooled. This has as much to do with sodomy as Feinstein has to do with freedom.

More here:  http://culturewithagrainofassualt.tumblr.com/post/70994103608/gun-fag-manifesto-review

GFM is now IN STOCK at Amazon.com and Quimby’s (Chicago)

“Benjamin DeCasseres: The Imp of 5th Avenue”


Earlier this year Old Nick Magazine published an article by Kevin I. Slaughter on Benjamin DeCasseres to coincide with the release of ANATHEMA! Litanies of Negation. We have retypeset it into the linked PDF and are making it available to everyone for free. Those who are curious about Benjamin DeCasseres, Anton Szandor LaVey, William Mortensen and Gabriele D’Annunzio should check it out.

Walpurgisnacht revelation!

On this Walpurgisnacht I am pleased to reveal that a couple advanced copies of Las Escrituras Satánicas have arrived from the printer! I have just returned from a visit to the Black House and they have met with the approval of Magus Peter H. Gilmore himself, and now I can reveal them to you!

Walpurgisnacht-LES (2 of 7)This week the remainder of the books will be loaded onto a cargo ship in Singapore and begin the journey to Underworld Amusements headquarters in Baltimore, MD. Estimated time of arrival is 6-8 weeks.

Once they have arrived, all Kickstarter “rewards” will be shipped that don’t need to be autographed. Anything that needs autographs/numbering from Peter H. Gilmore will be taken to the Black House soon after they’ve arrived and will ship soon after.

After that point any pre-orders done by alternate means after Kickstarter has finished will be shipped. Any new orders will be fulfilled as normal after that, with books at Underworld Amusements distribution center in Philadelphia, PA.

Walpurgisnacht-LES (4 of 7) Walpurgisnacht-LES (5 of 7)
Walpurgisnacht-LES (6 of 7) Walpurgisnacht-LES (3 of 7) Walpurgisnacht-LES (7 of 7)