I am deeply interested in a wide variety of topics, many of which are obscure and often taboo or fringe.
I may post or link to many things, but it should never be assumed that I fully endorse every aspect of them (or in some cases, any aspect).
It should definitely not be assumed that the people/organizations I’m commenting on, linking to, etc. endorse anything I say or have any sort of connection to me unless they comment one way or the other.
I’m not keen on “guilt by association” tactics.

All of this should be obvious, but it was brought to my attention that because I am a representative of an organization, some people have assumed that anything I post will be associated with that organization. This is not the case. People I know and personal interests fall along a fairly wide spectrum, and the reason for my interest may not be obvious.

In short, my personal endorsement is NOT that of any organization unless I’m explicitly acting on behalf of that group. My posting of any link is not necessarily my personal endorsement.