Stay Down Here EP005 – Girls in Graves, Book Cartels, Fenris Wolf, Dirty Reader

Now in 1080p! Shot inside my office, it’s visually the most “vlog-like” episode yet, but I don’t take the easy way out… lots of additional graphics and effects. The transition videos are a little longer than normal, but the longest one tells you exactly what point to skip to if you don’t want to watch the saucy sword-swallower.

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Feel free to comment and make constructive critiques and (realistic) suggestions.

In the basement of the Black House, Anton Szandor LaVey created the total environment that he felt most at ease in: a seedy dive bar populated by the down and out. But those who populated it were literally his creations, as they were all meticulously crafted artificial humanoids.
In the back wall he had a backlit sign reading “Den of Iniquity”, and this new shirt is based on the lettering of that sign. This faux-souvenir lists the address of the former home of the Church of Satan beneath the logo. A subtle tribute to a man who created his own world.
Available exclusively through ASP Apparel:

Stay Down Here EP004 – Brothers, El Mago, Dummies, Foreigners, Spinners

Stay Down Here EP004 – Brothers, El Mago, Dummies, Foreigners, Spinners

Out now! Our newest episode discussing things related to the Las Escrituras Satánicas Kickstarter campaign and The Satanic Scriptures. A few “behind the scenes” items and more.
The Kickstarter campaign and all the work involved in that delayed the production of the more causal vlog series, but we’re back and the production is evolving more and more, and my humor is devolving along with it.

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PayPal and Kickstarter for Las Escrituras Satánicas

Someone wrote to me asking if they can use PayPal with Kickstarter, but my response to them bounced back immediately (a little suspicious). Nevertheless it’s a good question that boils down to:

“I’d like to use PayPal for your Kickstarter project

I’m sorry, but PayPal is not an option. Kickstarter uses Amazon for payment processing, and it is unfortunate that PayPal is not part of that. This was a frustrating compromise to make to use Kickstarter. The blame seems to not be on Kickstarter though. PayPal has a policy that if you are “preselling” an item you must be able to deliver within 20 days or they may cancel the payment. This means even if I did allow PayPal payments, it’s possible that I’d lose all the payments because I’m violating their Terms of Service (by not being able to deliver until late October/Early November), and also quite possible that PayPal could lock up my account entirely if someone makes a complaint that they haven’t received their items within PayPal’s x day window.Here is PayPal’s policy:

   Pre-sale items are advertised for sale before the seller has the items. Often, these items are sold before they are available to the general public. Or, the seller uses the funds from the sale to purchase the item that has already been sold.
PayPal permits pre-sales on a limited basis, only if the seller guarantees delivery within 20 days from the date of purchase and clearly identifies the item as a pre-sale. PayPal may apply additional conditions, such as proof of the seller’s ability to successfully deliver the product: supplier information, purchase invoices, postal information or proof of delivery.

Another large problem is that if you were to pay for an item outside of the Kickstarter system, it wouldn’t register toward my final goal of $9,000. If I don’t make 100% of goal then I don’t get a single penny from Kickstarter backers and then I’d have to refund all PayPal payments anyway.

If Kickstarter is successful I plan on pre-selling hardback books shortly after June 9th, but the PayPal issue would still exist since my delivery date is Halloween. I’ve still yet to resolve this in a way that would allow PayPal (as I’m sure many people are in your position), but I’m not sure of a way around it.

One option would be to use a pre-paid credit card, available at most drug-stores, etc. From my understanding people have used them without problems, and that gives them some security that they’re not using their regular credit/debit cards or whatever.


9sense – Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan, Walpurgisnacht XLVII A.S.

Adam Campbell of the 9sense podcast interviews High Priest of the Church of Satan Peter H. Gilmore.

Walpurgisnacht XLVII A.S. – Adam conducts a candid, personal conversation with Magus Gilmore about himself, the early days of the Church of Satan, and the future… Ending with a huge announcement for Las Escrituras Satanicas, the Spanish language edition of Gilmore’s 2007 book The Satanic Scriptures.

More information can be found at

Originally an audio only podcast, Underworld Amusements received permission to produce a YouTube formatted version with graphics and titles.

Books, Rifles, Witches, Laws, Podcasts

My “visial editor” and media upload functionality on my blog was down, stopping me from easily making new posts here for a bit. I installed a wordpress plugin “Use Google Libraries” and it seems to now function. I can assume causation, but I don’t really know.

The notice of this blog post will be my 1,000th Tweet. Dunno if that’s a good thing or not.

Since my last post, there have been a few things to post about, but I’m going to be a little lazy here and post short descriptions and links:

  • “Book and Rifle Club” shirt design through ASP Apparel. ( news | direct | FB page )
  • The Compleat Witch Illustrated Bibliography Project ( news | direct | FB page )
  • “Slaughter’s Law” was coined by Jack Donovan (and I approve) ( direct )
At the Comfort Diner in New York, recommended!

Since I’m in the listing mood, here are a few podcasts I’ve been enjoying since I posted about them last:

And Adam of 9Sense did this:

New vlog series “Stay Down Here”…(UPDATED)

Hey, I haven’t blogged here in a month! Really, traffic here is slow and I get so much more feedback/response on Facebook. I’m not so keen on the idea, but it’s slog around here relatively alone or focus on where the action is. Part of the reason is also that I’ve been engaged with freelance and Underworld Amusements work, so there hasn’t been much “personal” to post.
Anyway, instead of creating a new blog here for episode #2 (when I have done that at the UA site), I figured I’d just tack the new video on here and write this preface.
I hope to do this once a month. I believe that one of the reasons I have had trouble building a larger audience with the podcast is that it just wasn’t consistent enough. That’s how it is with most of what I do. I just don’t conform well to a set schedule. BUT, I’m going to give it a swing and we’ll see if I can do a short every month without wearing out my welcome. I’ll be posting future episodes over at the Underworld Amusement sites, but wanted to repost here to help get the word out.

Thanks for those who’ve shared and “liked” it so far. More and better to come…


Kevin I. Slaughter interview with VASCA Radio

I’m on two shows running on RFS at once! Tired of hearing my voice yet? VASCA Radio has just released a new episode featuring an interview I did with the two hosts. We had a hell of a time with technical problems, and this was basically the third attempt, but I think it was the best of the three and worked out for the best. I haven’t listened to how it was edited down yet, but I know we spoke for quite a while.

VASCA Radio is hosted by Citizen Prometheus and Warlock Tier Instinct. VASCA Radio features the artistic endeavors ofthe hosts and welcome guests that use the VASCA in their platforms.VASCA Radio features pranks, practical jokes, current events, music, and brief one on one commentary with guests and friends of the hosts. You are listening to VASCA Radio!

Week of December 26, 2011 | Episode 13

End of the year episode. Prometheus employs the V.A.S.C.A. and targets product starved holiday shoppers who hide behind the veil of religious holiday during the current events segment. VASCA Radio proudly welcomes, Reverend Kevin I. Slaughter. We discuss his current lectures and seek out his opinions on various topics. Musical guest and V.A.S.C.A. Agent combined; making his second appearance on VASCA Radio is, Citizen Slesk. He has a secret to share regarding sermo iii and he does just that during the interview. We play his sermo iii track, Shining Trapezohedron. Pranks, movie review and track selections from your hosts personal material all await inside this full episode that is a download must.


If you use YouTube, subscribe to the new “StayDownHere” channel by Underworld Amusements. Even if you know you’ll see the videos posted elsewhere, your subscription ON YouTube helps them recommend the channel to others. Here’s the description I’ve written up to let you know what it’s all about:

This is a channel to post more casual and behind-the-scenes videos from Underworld Amusements.
The Underworld Amusements channel will feature “finished” and featured promotional videos, whereas “Stay Down Here” will feature some vlogging and pieces that don’t have the polish or importance for the other channel.
We will also shoot some behind-the-scenes clips to show how out production is going on various projects.
The name “Stay Down Here” comes from the Irving Berlin song where Satan tells his son to stay in Hell, rather than go up to the Earth’s surface, because humans are so dumb and violent.

I know the channel is looking awful empty now, but that will be changing soon enough!