What discovering a mass murderer’s manifesto can do for your site… (UPDATE)

My biggest “story” in 2011 (not my favorite, but certainly the “most popular”) was finding Anders Breivik’s 2083 manifesto online and getting it to someone in the media. I haven’t discussed it much, and I wasn’t asked to discuss it except for my pal David Harris for his podcast.And I’m not going to talk about it too much here either. This may be the most boring post I’ve made in a while, in fact, but maybe you’re curious…

Here are the blog posts I made on the subject, in order of appearance:

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  3. Anders Behring Breivik | 2083 Manifesto and Movie: Real or Not? Posted on 
  4. Anders Behring Breivik | 2083 A European Declaration of Independence | Manifesto Posted on 
  5. Anders Behring Breivik | Is this the e-mail he sent to friends with 2083 Manifesto? Posted on 
  6. STATUS “STATEMENT: It appears that Massimo Introvigne is fabricating and spreading unchecked rumors and making unfounded implications…” Posted on 
  7. An open letter to Massimo Introvigne…. Posted on 
  8. Response from Massimo Introvigne Posted on 

In that last one I state that I’m going to write a blog post on Introvigne’s misinformation and the false linking of Breivik to myself or the Church of Satan. That never happened, mainly because it only seemed to have picked up traction among the lunatic fringe and strange foreign press. This means I may be on some “no fly list” for Botswana or other shithole, but the misinformation would probably have no “real world” effect on me, and any statement made past what I’d already said in the “open letter” would probably be pointless. It ain’t going to convince the kooks, and no serious news source had picked up on it.

So what DID happen?

First, it can bring your website down. This site was offline for many hours after it really hit that I was hosting a found copy of the manifesto.

Very few people came to this site before I had the manifesto up, and then WHAM:

As you can read, this chart is plotting out traffic by week, with a few months before and everything since. It’s still rare that the manifesto posts aren’t some of the top pages viewed in a day, but I actually DO manage to post some interesting things now and again that generate their own traffic.

Here’s a chart less bar-graph, more real numbers:

I actually had taken my website down for a good part of June of this year.

So where the hell was all that traffic coming from? Here’s a snapshot of 7-24-2011:

So, when it was going on, I was curious what people were looking at OTHER than the posts about Breivik. Hell, there were only 102 hits on the “contact” page… I guess after reading my bio on the “about” page, they weren’t so interested in chatting me up.

So, all in all, I’m still getting a lot of residual traffic, but I don’t think it’s actually helped anything else that I do. That wasn’t the goal, and I did my best to not comment on the whole thing and just maintain conservative speculations and stating facts.

So, I was mentioned by name on the New York Times website, there’s a tag of my name on gawker ( http://gawker.com/kevin-slaughter/ ) and I’ve seen how the two phrases “American blogger Kevin Slaughter” and “Kevin Slaughter, priest in the Church of Satan” translates into many different languages  (you see, it depended on if they used Introvigne or a REAL news source to quote from).


Through ALEXA.com I easily scrambled up a bunch of the websites that deep linked directly to the PDF on my website, you know, instead of linking to the blog post itself…

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So You Think You Can Dance, Nazi? | Hard Bass

I suppose I could have called it “Hitler’s Got Talent” or something equally unwitty, but I won’t belabor the title so I can get to the point.

In the US we are dealing the reality that young black men are using social networks in a way first used for seemingly spontaneous acts of joy and dance to instead forge ad hoc criminal gangs to overrun department and convenience stores in other to loot outside of times of disaster. It’s purely speculation on my part, but maybe it’s a way to regain the joyous anarchy of those post-Katrina sprees.

In Europe, seemingly beginning in Russia, youth gangs of hard-right/neo-Nazis are using the flash-mob concept to… well… DANCE!

The Prague Daily Monitor reports:

Prague, May 31 (CTK) – Czech neo-Nazis have started provoking public outrage by a wild dancing at hard bass, a rhythmic electronic music, in Ostrava, north Moravia, but also in other towns, daily Pravo writes yesterday.

Video recordings from the carefully planned public performances virtually flooded the Internet in the past days, Pravo writes.

The hard bass, a craze sweeping across Russia, has thus reached the Czech Republic, it adds.

Tens of people in masked balaclavas make themselves filmed in Ostrava while wildly dancing not only in the streets, but also in shopping malls, trams and outside public buildings, Pravo writes.

Experts say hard bass, which was born in the Netherlands, is no innocent entertainment. Embraced by radicals from eastern Europe, it bears latent ultra right symbols.

“The inspiration came from Russia where hard bass is very popular now,” ultra right movements expert Miroslav Mares told the paper.

“A mass dance, accompanied with feverish movements symbolises domination and unity of the ultra right and it is to scare its opponents,” Mares said.

“However, in the long run, this type of activities will hardly make the neo-Nazis popular with the general public because a large part of it resents them,” Mares said, adding that the first recorded reactions to the published videos seem to confirm this view.


The article itself does no favors and one has to go through the trouble of typing the words “hard bass” in you a YouTube search to find some really baffling and hilarious videos. one may notice participants in aformentioned balaclavas, but you’ll also see Hitlers, Klansmen, Saddam Husseins, and a few Santa Clauses mixed in with hockey masks and many unmasked dancers.

As with any decent internet meme, Hard Bass has started to see mash-up parodies:

And of course, a Facebook fan page.

And trust me Europe, seeing a bunch of awkward white dudes dancing to electronic music in a public square is a HELL of a lot better than seeing this:

UPDATE: There’s a new website that posts videos and songs on the Hard Bass phenomenon. Check it out at http://www.hardbasscrew.com