Progressive/Left Activism as Religious Terrorism

At about 9pm on New Year’s Eve 1999, the couple entered an office in the Institute of International Agriculture at Michigan State University and doused it with petrol.

The arson, by Mason’s own account, was botched. A fireball set her hair on fire, forcing the couple to run before she even managed to write her slogan, “No GMO”.

The next day, the pair set fire to a logging camp. She has also admitted to burning boats belonging to the owner of a mink farm.

When asked whether the fires might have terrified staff and students at the university, she said: “It was intended as an enlightenment moment that people would see what is going on beneath the surface.”

The War on Christmas…

Moron at Huffington Post wants a) people to stop saying “Merry Christmas” to her and b) to inject more of other religions into the holiday season. In short, Christmas is oppressing her, but Kwanzaa would be enlightening.

I’m clearly not pro-Christian, but in many ways – NEITHER IS CHRISTMAS. In 2009, the American version of Santa Claus was a fuckin’ Coca-Cola advertising illustration, and the central identifying decoration – the decorated tree was a pagan holdover. In so many ways, the word “Christ” in Christmas is now like what happened with the much loved tree – it’s a holdover from  Christianity.

The reason Christians need to put up banners on their houses that say “Jesus is the reason for the Season” is because most people HAVE forgotten, and good for all of us non-Christians they have.


Here’s my Christmas tree. It doesn’t have anything to do with the storybook character Jesus.

Here’s a little secret. There’s an angel on top… it’s the same one my mother had wanted to get rid of for ages but I wouldn’t allow her to. It was the one I remember putting at the top of the tree my whole life. Decorating the tree was always a big deal in my house. I remember my dad lifting me up when I was a tiny Kevin, and after my parents split, I would stand on a wobbly stool and perch her on top of the evergreen with my mom and my sister around. It always went on last. My sister ended up dying about 13 years ago, on my 21st birthday. Messy drunken one-car crash. I’d been a self-confirmed atheist for quite a few years at that point. I remember the first Christmas she wasn’t there, how emotional it was for my mother, how sad of a time it was. I didn’t invest that little angel tree-topper with any magical powers, but it was there every single year. The tree and that angel, like so many family traditions, bring back to mind good and bad times. I want all those memories to come back to me, and the new ones, too. Now I have a wife, and we bought our own tree, and we’ve put it up for the third year. The Christmas that my wife and I got married, my mom gave me that angel in a little box. I’m sure part of her was happy to get a more fashionable and up-to-date topper, but another part – the important meaningful one, was passing along that little package of memories, good and bad, of our family.

To me, that goddamn paper angel, with her tossled fake hair, over 30 years old – means more than 99% of anything else inanimate in the room when it sits atop our garish pink tree. I don’t talk to it, or bow to it, burn incense, light candles… it’s not supernatural, has no religious meaning. But it and my tree have strong, secular meaning.

If Abby caught a glimpse of my Christmas decor, my little aging angel, maybe she’d feel offended and oppressed – but my holiday isn’t about her, it’s about me  and my family- she can go fuck herself.


Abby L. Ferber thinks is just awful – it’s like the Holocaust all over again, Christians planning pogroms with their reindeer death sleighs and doesn’t Santa coming down the chimney remind you of gas chambers!? Okay, she doesn’t actually mention the holocaust.

She kvetches:

Sorry to be such a scrooge, but let me tell you about my day…

I woke up and turned on my favorite morning show. I learned new recipes for the favorite holiday drink–egg nog; tips on how to decorate for the holidays on a budget by trimming the mantel and staircase with wreaths, green swags, and small lights; followed by the best toys to buy for kids this holiday season.

I then read my local newspaper, which featured a big story about how the Colorado governor’s mansion has been decorated for the holidays, accompanied by a large photo of the Christmas tree. Every section in the newspaper featured Christmas-themed ads.

I then drove to work, flipping through the car radio dial to find music that was not Christmas-themed. I entered my office building, where a large Christmas tree sat in the lobby. Due to concerns raised a few years back about the heavy focus on Christmas, the tree has now been renamed “The Giving Tree.” It is decorated by ornaments made by children at the campus day care center, with requests for donations as a part of our annual Holiday Service Project. I wonder how Jewish, Muslim, and other non-Christian students feel each time they enter the building…

I would know – because I’m non-Christian and I hear/see all the same. What do I do? Ipod is better than radio, websites are better than newspapers, and Hulu, DVDs and .avi files are better than TV. I do like Egg Nog, but I don’t drink alcohol, so no booze in it. Should I be offended that they put booze in it because I don’t drink? Should I be offended that they’re donating to a charity I don’t support? Seems like renaming it a “Giving Tree”, they’re already “giving in” to complainers like Abby. What do Muslim students feel??? Really??? Probably the same as Christian students in a predominantly Muslim country with a Secular government – they feel out of place, because they’re a minority. Minorities will ALWAYS feel like they’re outside of the mainstream, because they ARE.

When I walk outside to the mailbox that evening, my neighbors’ homes twinkle with colorful Christmas lights and reindeers. I leaf through the day’s mail, which includes numerous ads such as the one from my local car dealer, offering special prices on oil changes for the holidays. The entire mailing is red and green, with images of red bows and candy canes.

What’s your fucking point? I bet the local car dealer has a “special deal” for any occasion they think will pull in enough extra customers to pay for the mailer and put a few extra bucks in the ol’ piggybank. If you’d come from some tribe in Africa, you’d be boggled that your neighbors don’t live in mud huts. What’s your fucking point!?

So you see, while it may not seem like a big deal that someone wishes me a “Merry Christmas,” and I genuinely appreciate the good will and cheer being offered, for non-Christians like myself, this time of year can be anything but merry (24% of the U.S. population of about 304 million do not define themselves as Christian).

So, what you’re saying is that you can’t be happy at the same time others are, if you can’t be happy for the same reason they’re being happy? What kind of miserable cur are you? Oh yeah, one that would write this stupid shit.

And the Christmas mood is impossible to ignore or avoid. In the workplace, schools, shops, radio, newspapers, television, movies, private and public spaces are all Christmas themed from mid-November through the end of December. Lately I have been mortified to discover myself humming Christmas songs as I walk across campus. I bet I can sing the words to more than a few dozen Christmas tunes. I ask my Christian readers, how many Chanukah songs can you recite? And it is not insignificant. Not only is it all-pervasive, all day long, when I do the math, I discover that is adds up to about ten years of my life that I live in this exclusionary Christian culture. (If I live to be eighty, one and half months per year of that time adds up to ten years over a lifetime!)

Oh boo-hoo… I find the absolute worst songs running through my head _year round_ – perfectly secular popular garbage that I overhear rom the noise pollution of every day life. I’m just as offended by it as she is by the chorus of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” bobbling about the noggin. I just don’t assume I’m so important that I shouldn’t be exposed to it because I happen to not like it.

Lemme check that math real quick. Let’s assume that you are exposed to Christmas music in your non-Christian house and non-Christian car for two hours a day (including television and radio, this is a lot more than I’m exposed to, but I’m being generous). I doubt that she is exposed to Christmas music while she is working (see her bio at end of post), so we’ll add on 15 minutes at work that she hears it on average (and that’s being generous again). If she spends a full 8 hours a day outside her house on weekends in places that she is forced to listen to holiday tunes, then that brings us a total of 27.25 hours a week. 27.25 hours x 6 weeks = 163.5 hours for the season. This is a total of 6.8125 days of the year. If she lived to be 80, and spent each one hearing that average number, and assuming she remembers the first few years, she’d have accumulated 545 days of Christmas music, or 1.493 years. A FAR cry from the decade.  Pure fucking drivel.

BTW, I hope it wasn’t “White Christmas” by Irving Berlin, a secular Jew.

Save the high-horse for when you need it to tilt against a real opponent – like when the government (not your lousy office party) is basing federal law on the Bible.


I have started talking about this issue with some of my Jewish friends and family members. One friend complained to me about her workplace tree-trimming party. When I suggested she talk to someone about it, she responded with fear, “I am not going to be the person who took away Christmas!” Unfortunately that is the way it is often seen. As if non-Christians who complain are trying to take away Christmas. Suddenly Christians become seen as persecuted. But the question is not how do we stop the celebrations, but instead, how do we create a more inclusive culture, a climate where everybody feels included? I don’t have the answer, but I can think of many ideas. As a starting point, it would be wonderful if organizations had meetings or discussions to brainstorm ideas about how to make their environments feel religiously inclusive. Simply demonstrating that this is an issue worth thinking about is one step to making people feel more included.

Won’t happen, there’s always a complainer (ahem, Abby!) – always someone being “left out” no matter how far one bends over. What percentage of the population is is acceptable to discriminate against – at some point you have to. Cars aren’t designed for little people or giants…you’ll never make everyone happy, and more times than not compromising just makes everyone miserable. At some point, you’ve got to discriminate – that’s life.

The Jewish holiday gets LOTS of play this time of the year, but Jews compromise only 2.5% of the total population. Would Abby be happy with two and a half percent of the decor being Jewish? 10-15% can be secular/non-religious? If it was representational, would that make her happy – I doubt it. What about the office workers who want NO celebrations? How does one compromise with that? Paid vacation day? Not an inclusive move….
Wait, how many Jews are non-religious, quite a significant portion, that’d knock that 2.5% figure down even lower… maybe they’d get half a menorah.

My point – it’s already probably disproportionately inclusive. I’ve never had a work/office Christmas party that wasn’t thouroughly secular, aside from mentions of Jeebus in the lyrics of background music here and there. No preaching, no big crucifixes, no prayer.

Some workplaces and schools take the minimal step of including items like menorahs and kinaras in their holiday displays. But in writing this, I started to think about all the people in this country whose religions have unwisely failed to schedule a major holiday in December. Because of Christmas, December has become defined as THE holiday season. Even within Judaism, Chanukah is only of minor significance, yet it has become the most widely known and recognized Jewish holiday because it falls close to Christmas on the calendar.

You’ll have a tough time with some Jewish run businesses as well – I and friends have worked at quite a few that deck the office with Christmas decor. My current job – me and a religious Jewish (reformed, plus some screamingly retarded new-age beliefs) boss – no bonus, no party, no problem with me. I get the day off, that’s it. Would I like a lazy day where I was given food? Sure.

And you’re complaining that Chanukah is now a “widely known and recognized Jewish holiday”? Really? Okay, how about people forget it alltogether, or mention it 2.5% of the time.

Oh, and a “kinara”?A fucking KINARA?!?!

There MAY be a million or two people who celebrate that Marxist woman-torturing racist holiday, that’d be less than 1% of the US population. Good luck figuring out how to decorate .6% of your party Afro-centric.

Don’t push for more religion during school plays, push for more FUN. Christ is not FUN, reindeer and candy canes ARE. Snow and snowmen are fun, wreaths and tinsel are fun. Though our government was founded on a secular document, it’s run by Christians. They have their holidays, you have yours, or none at all. Here’s the rub, it’s getting less and less Jesusy, and it works to everyone’s advantage. You don’t want to celebrate it, fine, great, but believe you me – if you come out against it – that’ll cause them to react, and it’ll become a LOT LESS SECULAR.

Here’s the bigger rub though:

This is what Shirley Steinberg and Joe Kincheloe call “Christonormativity.” It means that Christianity is the normative culture in the US, and we are oblivious to what that means for non-Christians. Experiencing the overwhelming sense of exclusion I feel at this time of year, I try to use this insight to understand what it feels like for LGBT people in this heteronormative culture of ours. Or for people of color in this predominantly white culture. It gives me some insight into what they experience all year round. And just as most Christians are oblivious to how non-Christians feel this time of year, my privilege allows me to be oblivious to how it feels to not be white and heterosexual.

So, my hope this holiday season is that we will all take a few minutes to stop and think about what it means to have privilege, as well as what it means to strive to be inclusive. Not everyone is made to feel that this is the “most wonderful time of the year.”

Christianity and heterosexuality ARE the norm in the US. Again… Minorities will ALWAYS feel like they’re outside of the mainstream, because they ARE. Your entire blog has shown that the mainstream HAS bent over for non-Christians, example after example a Christmas tree has been renamed something else, decorations from other religions are present, clearly you are then full of shit when you say that Christians are oblivious.

You’re upset because you’ve been given a seat at a Christmas dinner you don’t want anything to do with. You’re an idiot. Christmas isn’t run by the government, and they can’t save you from it. It’s run by the culture, and the majority celebrate it. What you REALLY seem to want is for Christians to stop being Christians, so stop personally expressing cultural and religious traditions in their private businesses and playing Christmas music on their private radio stations.  You can’t be happy when others are, if they’re happy for a reason you don’t like. I think you’re just a miserable person who complains about everything that doesn’t feed your precious fragile little ego.

There’s a BIG FUCKING DIFFERENCE between separation of church and state, and trying to stop a majority population from expressing their culture and heritage. Christmas has come a long way baby, and your blathering is only giving ammunition to the Christian blowhards who are trying to put Jesus back into Christmas.

Well, what kind of lady is Abby, besides a lousy complainer? Oh… she’s a professional victim of white male oppression…  her bio:

As a Professor of Sociology, and Women’s Studies and Ethnic Studies, all of my work is committed to advancing social justice. My first book was White Man Falling: Race, Gender and White Supremacy and most recently I co-edited Sex, Gender, and Sexuality: The New Basics. I direct The Matrix Center for the Advancement of Social Equity and Inclusion, work with the national White Privilege Conference, and co-founded and co-facilitate the Knapsack Institute, a national curriculum transformation project.

I guess Santa Claus is just another dead white male rapist. For a professional complainer, she sure does do a piss poor job of it.

What are you willing to do to live ethically?

A blurb about Peter Singer’s book “In Defense of Animals” on begins: “Paul McCartney once said that if slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.”

I hate The Beatles, and John Lennon, and to a lesser degree Paul McCartney. This aside, my version of that quote would be “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would have a better understanding of the cruelty inherent in life, and it would be more difficult to convince people that life should be fair.”

I need to work on that… it’s not there yet.

I’ve been wanting to read Singer. I haven’t read more than some articles and seen a few videos and interviews. I feel he’s wrong, and I’m interested to read his argument… it’s just not as compelling as some of the other things I want to read, so I haven’t picked it up.

About a week ago  someone on facebook asked the question “Are circuses morally objectionable?”

I made the response (quoting another response):

“…but circuses are not known for ethical treatment of non-humans.”
I don’t think they’re particularly known for the ethical treatment of humans either. It’s one of those situations where you can get bogged down by the ethics, wrestle with the implications, maybe come to the conclusion that ultimately it’s harmful that humans reproduce at all and advocate for the extinction of life on the planet.
Or go to the circus.
Each is an appealing way to spend an evening. Only one results in seeing monkeys in funny hats.

Someone e-mailed me “You were kidding, right?”

Augh… here’s one of those things… I find it really hard not to respond to certain topics. I find it impossible in most cases to be moderate, even when I’m trying to moderate. I’m a cynic and a boor, fine, but you have the ability not to read this, and she DID contact ME.

I responded:

Had to check what you were referring to…

No, I really wasn’t. I was barely being flippant.
Living a fulfilling, considered, fully ethical life is probably impossible.

Sometimes you have to compromise, and compromise usually means nobody is happy with the results.
I recently read “Better Never to Have Been”… it’s an anti-natalist work that uses arguments that readers of animal rights books would be familiar with. The theory is that “it’s always a harm to bring a life into the world”.

I can’t counter his logic with logical counter-arguments. He’s a professional in the field of ethics, if all things were equal, he’s got more time to think about it. I’ve got a job and other shit.
So, let’s say logically, rationally, ethically, he’s right – just for the argument.
Should we not have children? Should all human life cease to be?

These are miserable, brain and gut wrenching things to spend any time pondering. It can lead to ponderous thoughts and disturbing consequences. The nature of evil, of rampant brutality and treachery in nature…

I read and consider, I try to be honest and a good person to those in my life that I care for, and not to be intentionally harmful to those outside that circle.

For all of this, I could look away from the road for one second… coffee could spill, an elderly woman could fall on the sidewalk and I want to see if she’s alright, and I careen into a minivan and kill a family.

If you’re in a lifeboat that will hold a maximum of 12 people, and dozens are swimming and grabbing on to the sides of the boat to save themselves, are you willing to lift up an axe and chop their hands off, so that they don’t capsize the crowded boat causing everyone to die?

If a city spends $2 million rescuing a child who has fallen down a well, would you be willing to cover the well and divert the funds to vaccinations that may save dozens or hundreds or thousands of lives?

I am serious, and wouldn’t it be nice to just go to the circus…

It ain’t poetry, and I’d edit it a number of different ways, but it says basically what I want it to say.

I’m driving to work one day last week, as I do every day, and this day I see a cat run out under the van in front of me and get mangled. I’m horrified by this and my thoughts were “I need to finish it off.” I needed to swerve the wheel of my car toward the animal that I just saw be twisted and magled by the wheels of the speeding van in front of me in hopes that I would smash its skull and kill it instantly. In the few seconds I had to bridge the gap between my current position and where the cat was still rolling from the impact, I saw its battered body twitching and bleeding profusely and a massive evisceration to the abdomen that was spilling out its entrails. I was horrified and my guts turned and I wanted to recoil and pull over but I knew that it couldn’t be saved, I couldn’t slam my breaks at that speed with all this traffic and what I needed to do was to stop it from suffering and being run over by a series of cars until it died from the repeated smashing or someone dealt a deathblow.

I couldn’t do it. I failed to do the only thing that would have helped.

I cursed cars and overpopulation and the whole goddamn world. I couldn’t have saved the life of that cat, but I didn’t do the one thing that probably should have been done to stop the suffering.

I looked in my rear view, it jerked and bled and was still dying. It disappeared under the car behind me and I sullenly, wincingly looked back at the road ahead, cursed humanity and gloomily made it through the day. I probably would have felt worse if I’d done it, even though I would have stopped the suffering of that poor animal.

When I got home and I sat down and the daily ritual of my own cat welcoming me home by standing on my lap and demanding my full attention until he’s tired of me commences like every other day. He doesn’t know about the dead relative, and if he did, would he care?

Life is just not that simple, and it certainly ain’t fair. Not eating meat or wearing a leather belt or abstaining from going to see the trained monkeys may make you feel better, but it doesn’t mean you’re not going to commit unspeakable suffering on someone or something at some point in your life. It certainly won’t stop unspeakable suffering from being committed upon you.

You’ve got to have some principals, some ethical framework, but unless they’re really fucking vague (or contradictory), you’re going to have to break a few to get through life. Tough shit. We’re poorly constructed meat-machines. What we think of as “I” is an illusion created by the brain. You lie to yourself every day, but you don’t know it.

I consider myself a skeptic, and pro-science and reason… but sometimes my gut overrides my brain. I can’t build an argument against the anti-natalist, but I disagree with him. Where I disagree with Singer, I probably can’t mount a logical counter, but I can’t forsee anyone convincing me to stop eating meat.

Am I less of a skeptic? Do I have a “faith”? Am I “anti-science”?

Be a “good person”, whatever you can figure that out to be. Be reflective and considerate, but don’t think you’re absolutely right. Reason and logic will get your far, but you’re not made for it. You’re made to run on lies and irrational impulses. You can’t get away from it. I can’t get away from it. You can only struggle and maybe at the end of the day you didn’t fuck up and hurt someone you didn’t mean to. If it’s a good day, you did something nice for someone you care about.

I don’t want cats to die.

I don’t want to be the cause of a cat dying.

I don’t want to see someone else be the cause of a cat’s death.

I don’t want to see a cat suffer a prolonged miserable and suffering death.

What’s ethical when a cat is in the road ahead of you, half dead?

Can you make the call in 3 seconds? Can you act on that?

The girl didn’t write back. I’m not holding my breath.

Tampon terrorism…

(originally a MySpace blog, but during the transfer over to this blog, I slipped up and forgot to enter the date… I’m not going  back through 20 pages of blogs on myspace to figure it out, and it’s not time-sensitive anyway)
A bulletin was posted recently by a friend about tampons having asbestos in them. It’s a lie that’s been circulating around the internet since 1998. I responded with a link to the article about the subject:

My well meaning friend said in response: “…it gets women thinking about the things that they put into their body… without thinking. So myth or no myth sparking conversation and debate is important to me, especially dealing with womens issues.”

What follows is my response:
.I agree that it’s important that everyone is considerate of what they put into their bodies.
But sparking a debate based on a complete fabrication is not the way to go about it. It’s actually detrimental to any “cause” to promote lies about it.
This urban legend doesn’t seem to promote critical thinking about the hygiene of women as much as it is a  conspiratorial tale of the sinister collusion of government and “big business”.
What’s funny, is that every agency that has researched the subject has found that not only are modern tampons safe (aside from the concerns of Toxic Shock Syndrome) but that there are risks with all cotton tampons that you do not have with regular tampons. What this means is that the “organic alternative” solution is either no better or possibly worse than the ones manufactured by “big business”. The major difference between the two is that the “organic alternative” will cost you around $2.00 more per box (plus shipping if you can’t find them locally).
So in effect, what you’re doing is being a fear mongering shill for a company that charges more for a product without based in fallacious claims and vague “feel good” sentiment. This does not promote healthy intellectual debate, it stifles it with outlandish claims.
There are many lousy businesses that have done their best to lie, cheat and steal to get your last dollar. There are plenty of corrupt politicians that will take a bribe to benefit themselves over the people they are supposed to represent, and there are also well meaning folks who are willing to pass along lies unchallenged because of vague notions that it sparks debate.
If it did indeed spark debate, you would have looked into it instead of just passing it along. If it sparked debate, the message wouldn’t have continued to circulate around the internet for NINE years!
The real target of this report is not “women’s issues”, it bolsters fear and promulgate the idea that government and corporations are in cahoots to fuck over the “common woman”. It’s not true certainly in this situation, and not only is it not true – it’s a libelous statement. Not only that – but it takes away from debate and concern for actual, real, legit problems that women face!
Women’s oppression in muslim countries is real, and has real work consequences. For all the blather about women being oppressed in the United States, they’ve got nothing on the brain washing and shame and actual mutilation and murder that muslim women are subject to.
I have a pretty cynical view of the average persons ability to be reflective and considerate of truth. The continued propagation of urban myths is proof of this to me. The fact that most people believe in “god” is proof of this to me. So if you’re going to spend your time and effort advocating something you see as positive or denouncing something you think is negative, start the ball rolling and be considerate and reflective first! Fact check it!


Tall Poppy Syndrome

So this little narrative I thought up after reading
So I wrote it out… sounds a little awkward when I’m reading out out loud, needs to flow a little better, I don’t normally write like this.. figured I’d pass it along nonetheless…


I guess I was a bright kid growing up… you know, one they always said should be getting better grades than what the report card read.

But I’ll tell you, when I was a wee lad, about to go to school for my first day my mother said the strangest thing to me. I remember everything about those few minutes, waiting for the bus on that early morning, and I’ll never forget a single detail.

As she buttoned up the last few plastic snaps on that hand-me-down raincoat, trying to hold back her tears at the sight of her baby leaving for the first time, she looked me in the eyes and said to me, “I want you to remember, when you’re in school to do good, but don’t ever do your best.”

My mom had always encouraged me to do my best. She supported my inquisitiveness, my creativity and even a bit of my mischief, so this advice I didn’t understand.

“I want you to member that,” she said, “don’t ever show ’em your best son, they’d just as soon cut you off at the knees than see you stand above them…”

And with that, she turned me to the open door, brushed some invisible dirt off my shoulder and said “I love you.”

Customer Service 101

The Satanic Scriptures pre-order fulfillment went pretty well. We’ve gotten some great feedback on the book and only a few snafus. Some people sent illegible order forms (if we can’t read the address, it makes it hard to send something in the mail), some didn’t send the right amount of money, and I think we might have sent a hardback to someone who ordered a slipcase, but we’re fixing that now.

All in all, we sent hundreds of books out within two weeks, and that time included picking them up at the shipping center in a u-haul, unloading them at the offices, three days travelling to New York and having books signed by the high priest of the Church of Satan, special ordering shipping supplies and etc. etc.

I’m not complainging, but we usually do a dozen orders in two weeks, not a few hundred.

We had one pest though. One person who just demanded to know, every other day it seemed, what the progress was on his order. I’d been short in my responses, because how many times can I write “your order will be filled”?

It was really down to the wire with this release. At one point it looked like the books might not make it to the US until the 28th! Everyone would have gotten theirs late. It takes almost a month just to have the books shipped from our printer overseas. The original plan had the hardback book slated for Halloween of this year, but it was decided we wanted to release it on Walpurgisnacht, we had to work on a truncated time table (cutting 7 months out of the release schedual)!

The proverbial straw was a 3rd e-mail in the last two days that had a subject line of “dissapointed”. I couldn’t keep it to a one line sentence reply:


I gotta tell you, you’ve sent us probably a dozen goddamn e-mails and numerous notices of address changes.

You will get your book, relax. We’ve done an amazing job at getting hundreds of orders filled in just a few days. Problem orders were pulled and filled last. You sent address changes and therefore yours was a “problem order”. You haven’t been neglected and if you’re disappointed then you’ve proven yourself terribly impatient and your constant e-mails have shown you’re also a pest. We were disappointed in you long before now.

On every order form and every website we asked people to wait until the 5th of this month to contact us. You disregarded this and have pestered us with multiple requests for address changes and updates.

“We respectfully ask that you abstain from e-mailing us for updates on the release of this book unless you have not heard from us or received delivery by May 5th.”

You have not received your book, but you have HEARD from us, right?! We have TOLD you that it was being shipped to you, RIGHT?!


Scapegoat Publishing