I (nerd) Podcasts – Spring 2010

I still love podcasts… I listen to at least 2 a day, minimum. I make a podcast, and have been a guest host of others and had one that stopped shortly after it started. I’m thinking about doing a second podcast, but probably won’t.

They’re so much better than anything I’ve heard on the radio, I can listen to full shows at will when where and how I want. I use my 120 gig ipod classic, sync via itunes. I’ve got more music than space, but I hardly ever listen to music.

I’m going to be getting a smartphone pretty soon, I’ve set a difficult goal for myself before I allow myself to get a new phone – but I won’t get into that. I’ll be interested in seeing how things change when I have more access to listening to audio on demand.

Blah blah blah, all that is unnecessary lead-in to the list of my current favorites. I linked to the websites of the blogs instead of providing an iTunes link or feed link. The latter might be easier for you, but it’d be a lot harder for me to track all that down. Ya get what you pay for, quitcherbitchen.

Using the famous ALPHA-BETA system of ranking:

AltRight Radio – especially now that Richard is recording himself better. He had a terrible mic and had a hell of a time with his plosives in the first few episodes… damn near unlistenable.

Amateur Scientist Podcast – consistently funny. I made two comedic phone call contributions around episodes 93 and 94 (I’ll try to check).

American Conservative University – they aggregate Mises, Medved, Prager, Stossel and some misc. conservative radio or audio ripped from video. Some Christian garbage… okay, a lot – but some good stuff.

Cato Institute Event Podcast – Mixed bag, there’ve been some really good talks on topics I would have never considered exploring. Libertarian/free market (would a reader of my blog not know Cato?)

Radio Derb on National Review Online – Weekly news commentary from John Derbyshire. I like Derb alot, and his weekly podcast seems to touch on so many of the news items that interested me over the previous week and more. He’s got a great British sense of humor. You can listen to my interview with him on my podcast.

For Good Reason – Former host of CFI’s Point of Inquiry podcast. He’s one of my favorite hosts… quick witted and really able to discuss a range of topics. Challenges guests when he sees a hole in their argument, but never unreasonably or in a mean spirited way.

Groks Science Show – Nerdy science fun. Host needs to figure out a different word than “fascinating” to describe every book by every author he interviews.

Huffduffer: KevinISlaughter – I love this service, plugged it before. Set up an account and if you run across an mp3 file, just use a quicklink or the website to create your own podcast feed to listen to it later. There’s a social aspect to the site as well, so if you set up an account, lemme know ’cause I’d like to see what you’re finding. MY STREAM is not a “recommended for others” per se.. they’re things I want to listen to, and certainly may not end up being any good.

The Nerdist – this seems to be a comedy podcast for people who are into comedy… not like “I like to laugh”, but “I’m interested in the process”. Mythbuster’s Adam Savage did his first stand-up set for a live show and was great. I’ve enjoyed the other episodes so far, but it’s a bit too “in the biz”.

Onion Radio News – come the fuck on! How have they not run out of material?

peikoff.com Q&A on Ayn Rand – Leonard Peikoff answers listeners questions, about 10% of them are about masturbation, another 10% prostitution. The rest are okay too. (But seriously, he gets a LOT of sex questions).

Point of Inquiry – Now with three hosts instead of one, not as good as DJ Grothe. It might be bias against the new, so I won’t be too harsh. Some interesting stuff so far.

PRI’s The World in Words – Very Public Radio/NPR in themes, tone, etc., but still interesting linguistic news and topics. Well produced…

Reason.tv – Augh, video podcast… iTunes sucks for video, I’m rarely in a position to watch video on my iPod, so I end up just listening to the audio while the video plays. The video is produced really well, though.

Reasonable Doubts – Solid atheist/skeptic/counter-apologetics. They know what they’re talking about in that area.

Skepticality – a must.

Skeptoid – I’m Brian Dunning, and you must subscribe to this podcast.

Superego – funniest podcast ever. Listen to all of them.

Terror Transmission – I was never a big horror movie nerd, but this is a fun podcast. I’m pals with Matt too, so I’m biased.

This Week In Google – Nerd it up!

This Week In Tech – Ditto Dorko!

Happy Anno XVI, Purging Talon Publishing

Matt Paradise had a pretty big impact on me through his Purging Talon Publishing.  I thought I had a blog that contained my appreciation for his work, but I can’t find it…

I first started buying copies of Not Like Most when it was in digest format, and still have almost every copy archived away. I was pretty big into ‘zines in the mid-90’s and had a mediocre attempt of my own (2 issues). The design was pretty good for the time and my ability, but the content was lacking a bit. My own media/goods venture was called “Predatory Instinct Productions”, and I don’t think I realized that as an acronym (PIP) it was retardedly close to his (PTP).

I think I picked up a copy of Poo Poo Magazine first, and it was possibly through Atomic Books or Quimby’s, but I would always get the rest direct from then on, and when I was running the Den of Iniquity mail-order company I was putting in wholesale orders from him. I have a copy of deSade somewhere, and then later on his Superhighway to Hell.

I know my first article in another ‘zine was published in Not Like Most, and now I can’t remember if he’s published other articles or if it was just smaller notices. I’m trying to build a list of articles and interviews I’ve done over the years, but I just have “Not Like Most” listed with no further details yet. Either way, he’s supported my work over the years, big time, and I’ve done my best to reciprocate whenever possible.

You should check out his books… I’ve got the first edition of the Satanic quote book, still need to pick up the new version of it, but his collection of essays is great.

His newest venture is a really fun podcast that I’ve plugged here before, Terror Transmission. I’m not the biggest fan of old horror movies, but I’ve seem most of the ones they’ve covered so far and their commentary is fun and informative. Go to the the official site or get it from iTunes.

Here’s to your continued success and happiness my dear comrade.

Blogs from all over teh interwebs…

I figured I’d make a long list of podcasts and blogs I’ve been reading/listening to  lately… but I’d done a podcast round-up pretty recently, and you can see it here.  So here’s a truncated list of things I’m subscribed to in google reader, using the cryptic alpha-zed system of ordering.

Atheist Media Bloghttp://www.atheistmedia.com/

YouTube clips and audio.

Baltimore Crimehttp://baltimorecrime.blogspot.com/

Crime in my city, updated daily. They keep a body count.

Chase Lisbon – http://chaselisbon.tumblr.com/

I really like his low-key photography.

Christian Child Abusehttp://christianchildabuse.blogspot.com/

Frequently updated with stories about cases of priests and people of the “good word” molest or kill children.


My pal Jim’s blog.


My pal Matt’s blog.

Free The Heretical Two – http://www.freethehereticaltwo.com/

A new site featuring articles on cases around the world where freedom of expression is being systematically destroyed. Focusing but not limited to the case of the imprisoned owner and writer for heretical.com.

Gene Expressionhttp://scienceblogs.com/gnxp/

Gene Expressionhttp://www.gnxp.com/blog/index.php

I still haven’t exactly figured out why there are two Gene Expression blogs, but they’re both good.

The Hoover Hog – http://hooverhog.typepad.com/

Chip Smith has a way with words, like the guy who’s used a bolt gun in a slaughterhouse for 20 years and still loves his job.

Holla Daddy – http://www.holladaddy.com/

Pure schadenfreude…

Lifehacker – http://lifehacker.com/

This blog on making things quicker and easier has wasted so much of my time.

National Policy Institute – http://www.nationalpolicyinstitute.org/

Secular Righthttp://secularright.org/wordpress

Heather MacDonald, Razib Khan and John Derbyshire are three of the contributors that I knew about before I started reading the blog.

Sex in Art – http://www.sexinart.net/

It’s okay, occasionally some really good stuff.

Steve Sailer’s iSteve Bloghttp://isteve.blogspot.com/

The only writer that’s made interesting posts on golf. Luckily there’s very little of that, and the rest is pretty solid.

Subversion – http://subversion1.blogspot.com/

Solid, just started reading it, looking good.

The Atheist Conservative – http://www.theatheistconservative.com/

The Lord Bassington-Bassington Chronicleshttp://lordbassingtonbassington.blogspot.com/

Fun stuff!

The Torch | FIRE’s Blog – FIREhttp://www.thefire.org/torch/

The mission of FIRE is to defend and sustain individual rights at America’s colleges and universities. These rights include freedom of speech, legal equality, due process, religious liberty, and sanctity of conscience — the essential qualities of individual liberty and dignity.

Titty City – http://www.tittaycitay.com/

When my wife saw that I linked to this in a previous blog she said “Oh, how embarrassing”.

VDARE.com – Latest Articleshttp://www.vdare.com/


The zombietime blog!