Happy Anno XVI, Purging Talon Publishing

Matt Paradise had a pretty big impact on me through his Purging Talon Publishing.  I thought I had a blog that contained my appreciation for his work, but I can’t find it…

I first started buying copies of Not Like Most when it was in digest format, and still have almost every copy archived away. I was pretty big into ‘zines in the mid-90’s and had a mediocre attempt of my own (2 issues). The design was pretty good for the time and my ability, but the content was lacking a bit. My own media/goods venture was called “Predatory Instinct Productions”, and I don’t think I realized that as an acronym (PIP) it was retardedly close to his (PTP).

I think I picked up a copy of Poo Poo Magazine first, and it was possibly through Atomic Books or Quimby’s, but I would always get the rest direct from then on, and when I was running the Den of Iniquity mail-order company I was putting in wholesale orders from him. I have a copy of deSade somewhere, and then later on his Superhighway to Hell.

I know my first article in another ‘zine was published in Not Like Most, and now I can’t remember if he’s published other articles or if it was just smaller notices. I’m trying to build a list of articles and interviews I’ve done over the years, but I just have “Not Like Most” listed with no further details yet. Either way, he’s supported my work over the years, big time, and I’ve done my best to reciprocate whenever possible.

You should check out his books… I’ve got the first edition of the Satanic quote book, still need to pick up the new version of it, but his collection of essays is great.

His newest venture is a really fun podcast that I’ve plugged here before, Terror Transmission. I’m not the biggest fan of old horror movies, but I’ve seem most of the ones they’ve covered so far and their commentary is fun and informative. Go to the the official site or get it from iTunes.

Here’s to your continued success and happiness my dear comrade.