What discovering a mass murderer’s manifesto can do for your site… (UPDATE)

My biggest “story” in 2011 (not my favorite, but certainly the “most popular”) was finding Anders Breivik’s 2083 manifesto online and getting it to someone in the media. I haven’t discussed it much, and I wasn’t asked to discuss it except for my pal David Harris for his podcast.And I’m not going to talk about it too much here either. This may be the most boring post I’ve made in a while, in fact, but maybe you’re curious…

Here are the blog posts I made on the subject, in order of appearance:

  1. Anders Behring Breivik | Probable facebook/twitter pages of Oslo bomber/gunner Posted on 
  2. Anders Behring Breivik’s comments with Document.no (Translated) Posted on 
  3. Anders Behring Breivik | 2083 Manifesto and Movie: Real or Not? Posted on 
  4. Anders Behring Breivik | 2083 A European Declaration of Independence | Manifesto Posted on 
  5. Anders Behring Breivik | Is this the e-mail he sent to friends with 2083 Manifesto? Posted on 
  6. STATUS “STATEMENT: It appears that Massimo Introvigne is fabricating and spreading unchecked rumors and making unfounded implications…” Posted on 
  7. An open letter to Massimo Introvigne…. Posted on 
  8. Response from Massimo Introvigne Posted on 

In that last one I state that I’m going to write a blog post on Introvigne’s misinformation and the false linking of Breivik to myself or the Church of Satan. That never happened, mainly because it only seemed to have picked up traction among the lunatic fringe and strange foreign press. This means I may be on some “no fly list” for Botswana or other shithole, but the misinformation would probably have no “real world” effect on me, and any statement made past what I’d already said in the “open letter” would probably be pointless. It ain’t going to convince the kooks, and no serious news source had picked up on it.

So what DID happen?

First, it can bring your website down. This site was offline for many hours after it really hit that I was hosting a found copy of the manifesto.

Very few people came to this site before I had the manifesto up, and then WHAM:

As you can read, this chart is plotting out traffic by week, with a few months before and everything since. It’s still rare that the manifesto posts aren’t some of the top pages viewed in a day, but I actually DO manage to post some interesting things now and again that generate their own traffic.

Here’s a chart less bar-graph, more real numbers:

I actually had taken my website down for a good part of June of this year.

So where the hell was all that traffic coming from? Here’s a snapshot of 7-24-2011:

So, when it was going on, I was curious what people were looking at OTHER than the posts about Breivik. Hell, there were only 102 hits on the “contact” page… I guess after reading my bio on the “about” page, they weren’t so interested in chatting me up.

So, all in all, I’m still getting a lot of residual traffic, but I don’t think it’s actually helped anything else that I do. That wasn’t the goal, and I did my best to not comment on the whole thing and just maintain conservative speculations and stating facts.

So, I was mentioned by name on the New York Times website, there’s a tag of my name on gawker ( http://gawker.com/kevin-slaughter/ ) and I’ve seen how the two phrases “American blogger Kevin Slaughter” and “Kevin Slaughter, priest in the Church of Satan” translates into many different languages  (you see, it depended on if they used Introvigne or a REAL news source to quote from).


Through ALEXA.com I easily scrambled up a bunch of the websites that deep linked directly to the PDF on my website, you know, instead of linking to the blog post itself…

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Secular Blogging / Ingersoll Oratory Contest First Place Video

I’ve been invited to blog over at Secular Perspectives, a regional blog for “secular humanists, atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, brights and others”. I’m a couple of those, and I’ve submitted my first post the other day. I haven’t decided what kind of stuff I’ll be writing, but keep yer good eye open.

The video for my winning Robert G. Ingersoll speech was uploaded to YouTube this morning. I’m going to start a video page at the top to collect that kind of stuff in one place. Damn my hair looked good that day.

Suzanne Perry wrote the following in November. I think it was supposed to be for print, but I’m not sure. It’s available at the Contest Website.

Washington, DC, November 2010 – Kevin Slaughter, of Essex, Md., won first prize in the second annual Robert G. Ingersoll Oratory Contest for his rendition of an Ingersoll lecture about blasphemy, “How the Gods Grow.”
Slaughter, competing for the second time, took top honors at the October event in Washington, D.C.’,s Dupont Circle, which was designed to bring to life the words of the 19th-century orator known as the “Great Agnostic.”
A graphic designer, publisher and sign maker who has emceed burlesque shows and hosts a podcast, Slaughter says he has been an atheist since high school and started reading Ingersoll seriously after hearing about last year’s oratory contest. “In the Venn diagram of things I’m interested in, Ingersoll finds himself at the intersection of my fascination with forgotten/intentionally neglected icons of the early 20th century, lost art forms and entertainments, godlessness and anti-theism,” he says.
Slaughter won $150; a rare original period poster including a color gravure photo of Ingersoll with his grandchildren, a quote from “Love,” and a facsimile signature; and the biography Robert G. Ingersoll: A Life, by Frank Smith.
The contest was sponsored by the Washington Area Secular Humanists (WASH), the Center for Inquiry DC, the American Humanist Association, and the Robert Green Ingersoll Birthplace Museum as a way to revive interest in Ingersoll–a Civil War veteran, successful lawyer and political speaker who has been neglected by history.
The seven contestants entertained the audience with Ingersoll’s critiques of religion, defense of reason and liberty, and homages to Charles Darwin and Walt Whitman. The contest, held outdoors to draw attention of the public, attracted numerous passersby who stopped to watch, take fliers about the event, or sign up for e-mail notices.
The other winners were:
Second place: Donald Ardell, of St. Petersburg, Fla., a writer, speaker, and blogger on REAL (reason, exuberance, athleticism, and liberty) wellness. Speaking from memory, he presented selections from three Ingersoll works: “A Reply to the Rev. Henry M. Field, D.D.,” “About the Holy Bible,” and a speech at the Lotus Club’s 20th anniversary dinner. He won $100, a mounted photo of Ingersoll and his two granddaughters, and the Smith biography of Ingersoll.
Third Place: Tony Toledo , of Beverly, Mass., a professional storyteller. He presented selections from four Ingersoll works: “Reply to Rev. Drs. Thomas and Lorimer,” “The Ghosts,” “The Gods,” and “What is Religion?” He won $75 and a book, The Best of Robert Ingersoll, by Roger E. Greeley.
Fourth Place: Wendy Shore, of Ashton, Md., a triathlete and academic researcher. She read an excerpt from an Ingersoll letter, “How to Edit a Liberal Paper.” She won $50 and a book, Reason, Tolerance and Christianity: The Ingersoll Debates.

Each contestant also won one of two DVDs: about the Ingersoll museum in Dresden (see http://www.rgimuseum.org) or about D.M. Bennett, founder of Truth Seeker magazine (see http://vimeo.com/10514808 .
The prizes were awarded by a panel of three judges: Margaret Downey, founder of Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia; Tom Flynn, Executive Director of the Council for Secular Humanism and Director of the Ingersoll Birthplace Museum; and Monifa (Mo) Hamilton of Washington, a Distinguished Toastmaster and Lieutenant Governor of the world’s 10th largest Toastmasters District.
Ms. Downey helped to open the event by performing in period costume as Ingersoll’s wife, Eva, known as “a woman without superstition”. Robert and Eva Ingersoll lived in Washington, DC, on Lafayette Square from 1878-1883 and were most surely seen in Dupont Circle.
Steve Lowe, founder of the Ingersoll Oratory Contest, thanks the coordinating committee, judges, sponsors and especially the contestants for their contributions in making one of his favorite Ingersoll sayings come true: “The hands that help are better far than the lips that pray.”
In addition to Steve, the coordinating committee included Lindsay Gemberling, Beth Kingsley, Suzanne Perry, and Jeff Randall.
The other contestants were Joseph Ben-David, of New York City; Craig Howell, of Washington, D.C.; and Steven E. Jones, of Herndon, Va.
For more information about the contest, including videos of the presentations, go to http://www.ingersollcontest.wordpress.com. Write to Ingersoll@wash.com with questions or comments.
–Suzanne Perry

Promoting segregation…

If you’ve been a reader of my blog, you’ll know that I integrated daily tumblr image posts into it for the past few months. Unfortunately they move faster than the stuff I thought had more substance – like the shit I think about and type in here myself, so I’ve pulled the feed. I want to keep this site for posts I generate, or at least have taken the time to steal for myself proper (unlike tumblr where I mainly just steal from other tumblr streams).

I’m also going to be deleting people from my Facebook profile that I don’t know well. I’ve had it set to private for a while, but have been a little too freewheeling on accepting friend requests.

What I’ve done, instead of just brining the slingblade down on everyone I can on Facebook in a misanthropic fit, is to set up a public profile page for “Kevin I. Slaughter”. You needed to list a “type” of person, so I thought “critic” worked well. Through a service called Yahoo Pipes, I’ve taken my blog RSS here, my tumblr RSS and my “Shared Items” in google reader, and am sending them all to the facebook public profile. So, everything I like and write and the naughty and fun images I steal and repost will all be there (assuming it works like it’s supposed to).

For those who aren’t on Facebook (a few friends and 40% of Iceland), here is where everything is by itself:

“Kevin I. Slaughter: The Unwanted Advocate” (blog)

Mondo Slaughter (visual degeneracy)

Huffduffer: KevinISlaughter (audio propaganda)

You can use Google Reader or some other RSS reader to keep up, or just bookmark the pages and check in now and again.

If you want the firehose treatement, heres an RSS feed that I’m trying to funnel into Facebook: http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheKevinISlaughterExperience

Of course, I don’t want anyone to forget Underworld Amusements - the publishing and podcasting project, here’s the details for the latecomers:




First of the YouTube series: Peter H. Gilmore on Art and Discrimination

My goal with these is to reuse material I already have in a new venue to try to pull a wider audience for my work, obviously…  I don’t expect the podcast and my books to be wildly popular, but I think there’s a larger audience than what I currently have.

Set up a few photoshop templates for text and images, and change the elements out for each interview subject. Excerpt a 3-5 minute audio segment and then adjust timing of template elements to match the time of the audio. Upload and fill in all the information.

I thought it was necessary for a lead-in and lead-out audio that could stay the same from one video to another to go along with the visuals before and after the . I don’t like that I use the word “excerpt” twice in the audio portion of the lead-in, and “favorite” twice in the lead out. The latter is less annoying than the former. I will probably rerecord the lead-in audio.

KevinISlaughter.com serves as a testing ground for things I may or may not do on the UA site. I install plug-ins, etc. here before using them on UnderworldAmusements.com.

I’m also getting frustrated with Facebook not displaying content in my posts correctly, from the podcast players to flickr photo stuff, but I don’t know if there’s anything I can do about it besides putting notes like “This ___ may not show up properly in some feeds, please view the original post”.

Blogs from all over teh interwebs…

I figured I’d make a long list of podcasts and blogs I’ve been reading/listening to  lately… but I’d done a podcast round-up pretty recently, and you can see it here.  So here’s a truncated list of things I’m subscribed to in google reader, using the cryptic alpha-zed system of ordering.

Atheist Media Bloghttp://www.atheistmedia.com/

YouTube clips and audio.

Baltimore Crimehttp://baltimorecrime.blogspot.com/

Crime in my city, updated daily. They keep a body count.

Chase Lisbon – http://chaselisbon.tumblr.com/

I really like his low-key photography.

Christian Child Abusehttp://christianchildabuse.blogspot.com/

Frequently updated with stories about cases of priests and people of the “good word” molest or kill children.


My pal Jim’s blog.


My pal Matt’s blog.

Free The Heretical Two – http://www.freethehereticaltwo.com/

A new site featuring articles on cases around the world where freedom of expression is being systematically destroyed. Focusing but not limited to the case of the imprisoned owner and writer for heretical.com.

Gene Expressionhttp://scienceblogs.com/gnxp/

Gene Expressionhttp://www.gnxp.com/blog/index.php

I still haven’t exactly figured out why there are two Gene Expression blogs, but they’re both good.

The Hoover Hog – http://hooverhog.typepad.com/

Chip Smith has a way with words, like the guy who’s used a bolt gun in a slaughterhouse for 20 years and still loves his job.

Holla Daddy – http://www.holladaddy.com/

Pure schadenfreude…

Lifehacker – http://lifehacker.com/

This blog on making things quicker and easier has wasted so much of my time.

National Policy Institute – http://www.nationalpolicyinstitute.org/

Secular Righthttp://secularright.org/wordpress

Heather MacDonald, Razib Khan and John Derbyshire are three of the contributors that I knew about before I started reading the blog.

Sex in Art – http://www.sexinart.net/

It’s okay, occasionally some really good stuff.

Steve Sailer’s iSteve Bloghttp://isteve.blogspot.com/

The only writer that’s made interesting posts on golf. Luckily there’s very little of that, and the rest is pretty solid.

Subversion – http://subversion1.blogspot.com/

Solid, just started reading it, looking good.

The Atheist Conservative – http://www.theatheistconservative.com/

The Lord Bassington-Bassington Chronicleshttp://lordbassingtonbassington.blogspot.com/

Fun stuff!

The Torch | FIRE’s Blog – FIREhttp://www.thefire.org/torch/

The mission of FIRE is to defend and sustain individual rights at America’s colleges and universities. These rights include freedom of speech, legal equality, due process, religious liberty, and sanctity of conscience — the essential qualities of individual liberty and dignity.

Titty City – http://www.tittaycitay.com/

When my wife saw that I linked to this in a previous blog she said “Oh, how embarrassing”.

VDARE.com – Latest Articleshttp://www.vdare.com/


The zombietime blog!

My very own blog…

It's me.

I’ve archived here years of myspace blogs, the last few months of facebook notes, and I’ll be adding a few things here and there – dated to the time it occurred.

I’m now porting this blog over to my personal facebook account, and it should show up on my twitter feed, though I don’t like twitter, other people I like DO, and I want them to know I’ve posted something here. I’m on freindfeed as well, but it’s all too much and since it has my twitter, facebook and blog feeds, it’s going to be very very redundant.

I’ve put everything in a category, at least one. “MySpace Archive” and “Facebook Archive” are self-explanatory.

As of this writing, I have the following categories:

Archivalist : Stuff I scan/document.

Arty : Um, art stuff. Things I or others do.

Bibliophile : I, book nerd.

Blog Notes : Just shit like this – who fucking cares.

Boorish : Me ranting, i.e. “commentary” and “sophistry”.

Crafty : Projects around the house. Sewing, sawing, silk-screening, building.

Design : Design projects for Underworld Amusements, freelance design that won’t scandalize the client, etc.

Outside My House : Vacations, events, etc.

Quote : Things other people have said, with or without commentary.

Skeptic : Things having to do with skepticism, atheism, critical thinking.

Slaughter House : When I pretend to be a professional photographer.

Two Cents : Much overlap with “Boorish”, but quieter.

Underworld Amusements : Notes on my projects that aren’t important enough to go on that site.

I suppose if I start adding things from the past, I’ll add a category called “Historical Revisionism“…

I’ve “tagged” only a few of the posts here, I suppose future postings will have them, and maybe I’ll get around to the backlog of items. I’ve always been terrible at documenting my work. I’ve had one or two websites about me, but nothing public. It’s been a tightrope walk, owing to the fact that I do freelance work and have a “straight job”.  I haven’t gone out of my way to hide my opinions, I just haven’t gone out of my way to publicize them in a public way like this. Take, for example, the description of  “Design” above… I won’t be posting all my freelance work here because some of my clients wouldn’t like it. Some of them have had no idea of my interests outside of graphic design. That’s a good thing. It may not be a secret, but most politically vocal graphic designers are on the left.

Obama X-Press - Snow Balls, Food Stamps, Newport
Obama X-Press - Snow Balls, Food Stamps, Newport

I consider myself a secular conservative… a “little ‘l’ libertarian”. I disagree with libertarians on a few points – death penalty being one of them… it’s not used enough.

Well, we’ll see what happens. This way I have control, and I can push my thoughts out from one location.

I will do my best to restrict posts to something worth sharing. You may disagree, but luckily for you it’ll be really easy to ignore it all.

This is me, some 13 years ago. I was in an industrial/performance group called URILLIAsekt, and the performance was called “Lycanthropy Ritual”. I don’t know if I’ve gotten more weird or less.


This blog is found at kevinislaughter.com, but .net and .org get you there as well.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

My first myspace blog post was on Tuesday, January 27, 2004. 20 pages of blogs are archived there and there’s no easy way to extract them.
I’ve looked.. I’ve tried this and that…
Myspace RSS only feeds a partial posting of the last 10 blogs. There’s a website that’s supposed to pull your full feed, but I can’t get it to work.
I don’t use myspace and want to use this blog as a “source” to then port out to facebook and anything else in the future, but I don’t want to spend the day copying and pasting, entering in dates, etc. etc.

UPDATE: Copy, Paste, Date, Publish – repeat 96 times.

I don’t like twitter…

I’ve decided that I don’t like Twitter. It may be that I’m not popular enough, and therefore cannot benefit from “crowd sourcing” ideas. Outside of the witty one-liners of @JimGoad or @shitmydadsays, it’s pretty boring… like the worst stuff from facebook, but with a more awkward reply system and a retarded restriction on characters.
I may change my opinion, but I’m seeing more profiles of “girls” wanting to “show me naked pics” and people I wouldn’t ever give a fuck about following me. And they probably don’t give a fuck about me, they just want me to turn around and follow them.

Not playing that game.

Here at least, I’m not pretending to do anything but talk to myself.