I’ve called the blog “The Unwanted Advocate” because I don’t fit well into any group. Who wants me speaking on their behalf? I speak on my own. There’s only one organization that I’m a representative for, and I do that rarely.

copyright 2005, Christopher R. Mealie

“Three Eyes of the Devil” (c) 2005, Christopher R. Mealie

heterodox, pedant, cynic, curmudgeon, skeptic, dissident

Here, on this blog, I’m doing that – speaking for myself.

To belabor the point, something I’m good at (especially when I try to tell a joke and it doesn’t go over), there’s probably an inverse correlation of my support of any one position and my ability to advocate that view.  If I were to be really Machiavellian, it would make sense for me to hire myself out to my cultural enemies to become more involved in attacking their positions.

For example, atheists have argued that Satanists being interviewed in atheist media can only give Christians ammunition to say “you see! we told you that they were all really perverts and terrible people!” to the “fence sitters”.

 Kevin I. Slaughter is a vulgarian and elitist, half son of the South, half child of Mother England. He owns the 3rd largest private collection of vintage Super 8mm porn on the East Coast, plus an extensive library of adult paperbacks among his other, less explicit book collection. He is a graphic designer and book publisher by vocation and intellectual dissident and misanthropologist by avocation.

He has lectured at Universities on the topic of Satanism, and an hour long presentation titled “Satanism as Weltanschauung: The Philosophy of the Church of Satan” is available on YouTube.

He admires the outsider genius, the architects of their own worlds–opinions be damned. He is uncomfortable with false dichotomies, understands that however rational he tries to be, his consciousness is controlled in part by genetically borne biases and his understanding of the world is skewed by the poor construction of biology that nature has evolved. Either way, he still thinks he’s right and you’re probably wrong.

Ordained a priest in the Church of Satan, and a member of the Hard Case Crime Book of the Month Club.

“The Seafarer” self-portrait, 2011

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