“What Does Satanism Mean To You?” – New Short Documentary

I’m very pleased to announce an reveal a new short documentary film. Running about 7 minutes. Go full screen, it’s HD!

As a guest at the Black House, the home of the Church of Satan, I filmed an interview with Peter H. Gilmore. They were having a party later that evening and I requested to speak to any attendees that would answer a rather simple, but open ended question.
All of the interviewees self-identified as Satanists, but many had never spoken about it publicly.
The question was “What does Satanism mean to you?”, and this video distills the answers given to a larger narrative that covers many different facets of why someone would identify with such a taboo philosophy.
What has resulted is in stark contrast to most documentaries on Satanism that stress the more lurid or shocking elements. Here, instead, is a rather intimate but unrestrained portrait.

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  • http://lordbassingtonbassington.blogspot.no/ Lord Bassington-Bassington

    As someone who has never been (and probably never will be) a Satanist, but counts suspiciously many Satanists among my friends and aquaintances, this is EXACTLY how I know them. This is something I’ve never seen a documentary film pull off. I tip my tweed cap to you, Sir!

  • Taeil

    After watching this video I still don’t get the point of Satanism.

    • http://www.kevinislaughter.com/ Kevin I. Slaughter

      That’s okay. It’s not for everyone, and doesn’t pretend to be… one of the nice distinctions between it and pretty much every other major world religion.