Via Hellorosa. Scenes on the Way to Hades…

Via Hellorosa.
Scenes on the Way to Hades by Our Special Artists.

The Engines of Hell running full blast, day and night.
Watchman what of the night? And the Watchman said, “I see a great light—in fact, I see the flames of Hell.”

One can-not bring the masses to shout hosanna until one rides into the city on an ass.—Nietzsche.

Between the government which does evil and the people who accept it—there is a certain shameful solidarity.— Victor Hugo.

Within the memory of man the trade of governing has always been monopolised by the most ignorant and most rascally individuals of mankind.—Thos. Paine.

We shall have an Emperor in Washington within 25 years unless we can create a public sentiment which, regardless of legislation, will regulate the trusts.—A. T. Hadley, Pres. of Yale College.

We have among us people who would like to abolish radically everything that exists and carry us back, by violence if need be, to a régime discarded and condemned more than a century ago. They are called conservatives.—Paul Masson.

With the development of capitalistic production, European public opinion has stripped the last rag off conscience and modesty. Each nation glories cynically in all the infamy that goes to hasten the accumulation of capital. —Flaubert.

This old society has long since been judged and condemned. Let justice be done! Let this old world be broken into pieces! . . . where innocence has perished, where villany has prospered, where man is exploited by man ! Let these whited sepulchres, full of lying and iniquity, be utterly destroyed!—Heine.

We say that your society is not even a society, that it is not even the shadow of one, but an assemblage of persons that can be given no name : administered, manipulated, exploited at the will of your caprices, a warren, a flock, a herd of human cattle destined by you to glut your greed.—Lamennais.

What kind of society is it which, at this period, has, for its base, inequality and injustice? Would it not be well to take the whole by the four corners and send it pell-mell up to the ceiling, the cloth, the feast, and the orgy, the gluttony and the drunkenness and the guests; those who have their two elbows on the table, and those who are on all fours under it, to spew the whole lot in God’s face and to fling the whole world at heaven ? The hell of-the poor makes the paradise of the rich. Not only has happiness not come, but honour has fled.— Victor Hugo.

Imperialism is a depraved choice of national life, imposed by self-seeking interests which appeal to the lusts of acquisitiveness and of dominion surviving in a nation from centuries of animal struggle for existence. Its adoption as a policy implies a deliberate renunciation of that cultivation of the higher inner qualities which for a nation, as for an individual, constitutes the ascendancy of reason over brute impulse. It is the besetting sin of all successful states, and its penalty is unalterable- in the order of nature.—J. A. Hobson‘s “Imperialism.”