From Anon, with love….

An e-mail I received today:


Hi, my name is . And i want to start this message by saying that there is no leader, there is no organization. But there is a movement with a common cause, this movement or, idea, if you will, is called Anonymous. We may be famous from operation payback and operation SONY. We are anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget. You should have expected us.

Well, I am an Norwegian citizen, but if you or you police were to track me down i would show up being form……. USA with this information:

Host Name:
IP Address:
Country:        United States
Country code:   US (USA)
Region:         California
City:   Los Angeles
Postal code:
Calling code:   +1
Longitude:      -118.2988
Latitude:       34.0416

So, there is no help trying to track me down. By the way, this message does seem a bit dangerous doesn`t it? Well, my intentions here will be dangerous if you dont read and understands this whole message.

But before i begin, I want to assure you, that i am not trying blackmailing you or putting pressure on you. I want you to remove some files from you website, and if you can`t you will have to shut the site down or somebody will do it for you.

My target is, the reason is because there is posted files regarding the terror attack the 22. July in Norway Olso and Utøya, committed by Anders Behring Breivik aka Andrew Berwick who claims to be leader and follower of violent organizations. Among these organizations are Knights Templar aka KT-E(europe).

This organization or mainly, this man, Andrew / Anders, murdered 79 people in one day. Everyone of them was peaceful and innocent. Most of them were MY FRIENDS, and i happened to be on Utøya under the attack. well I happen to be a man with great power, and having used almost a year on planning this attack against your site, you should be damn right that you should do as i say.

I want you to remove EVERY FILE that have anything to do with the terror attack and have been produced by any organization Andrew Berwick is linked to or produced by andrew berwick himself. This is:

Knights Templar Asia
Knights Templar Europe
Knights Templar America

You can start here:

This is up to you, the easy way, or the quick / uncomfortable way.


– You don`t know who I am, hehe, trust me, I know MUCH about you…..

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  • jeff

    what an idiot, that manifesto is on scribd and many, many other places.  fail.

  • Adam

    Well, anyone with a video game handle must be taken seriously. Does anyone Anonymously give a f#@k?

  • Emerald Eternity

    Fear those with video game handles!

  • David M. Harris

     Dear Subzer0,

    Your blue cowel makes you look like a faggot.  No wonder Scorpion always kicked your ass. 

    Hugs ‘n’ Kisses,

  • Comtessa MoriVond

    How cute… the poster child for birth control. Put down the Xbox Controller and get out of your mom’s basement ya Sub.

  • SyN1sT3R

    I see nothing wrong with the files or the website of Kevin I. Slaughter. In fact by telling him to remove anything from his site you are trying to censor him. My guess is you are a troll using our Anon name for your agenda. His site goes down or has a hiccup REAL Anons will find you and display you as the fed loving troll you are! Maybe you can share a cell with Sabu!