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I really am on the verge of turning comments off on all my videos. I’m not going to blog about all the reasons. You’re welcome to look up the many, many bloggers who have made that choice or have at least considered it deeply.
I did just that on my “What does Satanism mean to you?” video, and elsewhere on the internet someone accused me of “being afraid” and “like Christians”. This comment was among dozens of the most childish, bitchy, and malicious other comments on a website that seems to specialize in posting videos and making fun of them.
Oh yes, I see my error, certainly I’m crazy for not wanting all of that attached to my short film.

I’m prompted to write THIS post because of a series of exchanges on another video by a YouTube user who posts his own videos discussing Satanism, and he seems to be a member of some pseudo-Satanic group. I’ll be deleting his comments for the obvious reasons below (they don’t contribute anything to the discussion for one), but also so that none of his videos receive traffic from click-troughs on his comments. I’ve already allowed him to take up too much of my time, but I won’t take up any of yours with this preface.

I put what I felt are the relevant sections in bold, for maximum skimmability.


Thread A:

also, i might ask…. why would i give the CoS a dime of my money, let alone 200 dollars for a red piece of paper with black ink on it, and nothing more? what does being a “member” benefit me or anyone else? what benefit is the CoS to anyone, other than the money collectors? smells like bullshit to me. ive nothing to give any organization that seemingly has nothing to give in return. what could they do for me that i cannot easily do for myself? in fact, is there any justification for the money?
(name withheld) 2 days ago

You decide for yourself why you would or would not give the CoS a dime or $200.
If the CoS were mere “money collectors”, they’d probably have an annual membership, instead of one-time lifetime membership. The fact that they aren’t “selling you the blades” may clue you to the fact their main purpose is NOT generating cash.
Either way, I’m not a recruiter, I don’t recall ever requesting or suggesting anyone join. That’s a personal choice that can be made for any number of reasons.
UnderworldAmusements in reply to (name withheld) 2 days ago

Fair enough… but being the one to question as I am, I found it to be only apropos. I made note tht you didnt suggest that anyone join… in fact, you denote that you frankly do not care. Just because they are not asking for annual dues does not prove to me that they are not merely money collectors… if anything, it only clues me in to the fact that they are poorer at it than they could be. Mediocre “money collectors” at best. So tell me, what does the CoS have to offer? It’s relevant.
(name withheld) in reply to UnderworldAmusements 1 day ago

“Just because they are not asking for annual dues… that they are poorer at it than they could be.”
It does not logically, automatically follow though. You’re free to interpret it that way if you choose.
“So tell me, what does the CoS have to offer? It’s relevant.”
It may be relevant to you to want the answer, but it’s not relevant to me to convince you or to spend time detailing my thoughts on it. When it comes up, I encourage people to decide for themselves, as I’ve done above.
UnderworldAmusements in reply to (name withheld) 1 day ago

I ran out of space on the above post, and likely will again, but it seems as if you avoid my question. Is is indeed relevant to me to want the answer… I can buy red cardboard, lamination paper, and black ink for far less than $200. If you are a spokesman,should you not have the answers to my questions? It only stand to reason that you would. I dont want convincing, merely enlightenment. Just as my postulation suggests, a lack of an answer indicates a deception or lack of an answer at best.
(name withheld) in reply to UnderworldAmusements 1 day ago

My answer could not be more clear: “Decide for yourself.”
As a representative it is NOT an obligation to answer any and all questions.
I have given you a) the only answer to that question I will give and b) my reason for giving it.
If that’s not enough, ask someone else.
UnderworldAmusements in reply to (name withheld) 1 day ago

Fair enough… it seems as if we’ve reached an impasse then. I’m not much of one for beating a dead horse, and recognize circular logic and a waste of time when i see it. You answer reveals much, and nothing all at the same time. Thank you for your unintended clarification and verification.

my comments:
This person is the ultimate “dead horse beater”, contrary to his last post. In all probability, he has already answered the question for himself before asking it. He merely wants to argue about it. I didn’t give him anything except the advice to think for himself, so he implies I am either deceptive or unable to answer. Those are both possible, certainly… but you’d think the PROBABLE answer is that I have decided to not ever try to “sell memberships”. Not only is it a concept that’s antithetical to Satanism, but I DON’T CARE. I made my choice without anyone selling me on it, if this person is incapable of doing the same I DON’T WANT HIM TO JOIN.

If he looks up the definition of “circular logic”, he’ll fail to find any in my end of the discussion. I would highly recommend he poke around the “logical fallacies” definitions and examples, because he commits so very many of them in such a short time.

Thread B:

you know, i might have made it further than 10 minutes into the presentation if you werent so busy practically yelling in a condescending manner… not that there was anything here that i probably didnt know or understand already, but your delivery leaves much to be desired. it’s abt as palatable as a mouth full of hornets, and just as enjoyable to the ear. irritating, at best. i imagine other intelligent and capable people feel the same way.
(name withheld) 2 days ago

Different people will listen to and enjoy different styles of presentation. My video is not for everyone, but if you read other comments here, you might discover your opinion is far from universal. This lecture has been viewed over 10,000 times.
UnderworldAmusements in reply to (name withheld)  2 days ago

This may be so, but so far I see merely 189 likes to the 22 dislikes. Shall we then say that 12,428 people frankly could care less either way, or perhaps they even shut it off just as I did? Fair argument, no? :-) You are correct though… “different strokes for different folks”, or so they say. Some people will sit and listen to this delivery style, abrasive as it is, and enjoy it no less. I do not mean this in offense of course… I am just being real. I do admire your direction, though.
(name withheld)  in reply to UnderworldAmusements 1 day ago

“Fair argument, no?”
Not if you understand how YouTube works and the behavior of YouTube users. If you understand those things, you’d know if would be a terrible argument to make.
UnderworldAmusements in reply to (name withheld)  1 day ago

You can’t very well tell what these individuals think of your video though, now can you? All it takes is one well circulated post/spammed email to have anyone and everyone that clicks on this link count towards that total. You cant gauge or quantify their thoughts on the matter, bc they didnt even take the time to so much as click a simple button indicating they liked or disliked it. Lex parsimoniae would most likely suggest that frankly they didnt give a fuck. :-) (devil’s advocate)
(name withheld)  in reply to UnderworldAmusements 1 day ago

Every comment you make has gigantic leaps of logic unfounded by any evidence. You’re not “being real” or “devil’s advocate”, you’re being a niggling shit-disturber.
UnderworldAmusements in reply to (name withheld)  1 day ago

my comments:

Oh how I loath the phrase “I’m just being real.” That’s what reality show actors say to excuse their irrational asshole behavior. And, no, you’re not being a “devil’s advocate” because a REAL “devil’s advocate” wouldn’t us logical fallacies in such a slipshod manner. He reveals he is either deeply ignorant of the dynamic between views/likes or he’s being intentionally credulous to try to “win” an argument.

Here’s my “keeping it real” moment: This pretentious queeny asshole has around a half-dozen videos with a few dozens views AT BEST. He’d rather think that I got 10,000+ views from some fictitious spam e-mail than a) building an audience for a few years and b) producing content people would want to watch.

I have the data, I know where the views are coming from. I also know that 10,000 views is not a lot on YouTube, but I’d bet dollars-to-baphomets it’s more than he’ll ever get. YouTube provides all kinds of metrics to discover whether people like your video or not, but someone with two dozen views may not get that kind of insight, so he might remain ignorant of those very real ways to guage interest.
Remember, just “keeping it real”!

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  • Normunds Mazurs

    My advice: ignore him and delete comments.

    • http://www.kevinislaughter.com/ Kevin I. Slaughter

      In the intro paragraphs I noted that I would be deleting his comments, as I did immediately upon publishing this blog. I’ve blocked his account from making further comments as well.

      I’ve also set comments to “approve” on the video, so that I will filter them from now on.