Unwelcome to Facebook… [UPDATE: welcome back, sorry!]

UPDATE July 26th, 2pm – just got an e-mail stating I was reinstated. The only thing that seems to be missing is my “public” Kevin I. Slaughter profile, so I have to assume it was that page.


Woke up to find Facebook has killed my account… no explanation of course, just a generic “You figure out what you did wrong from this list of vague infractions.”

Find me on Twitter here, unless they decide I’m unwelcome there too. Now I have to worry about my G+ account. Do I need to act like a clean cut god-fearin’ simpleton so that my google accounts aren’t pulled out from underneath me? Fuck.

Yeah, good luck with that, me.

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  • Anonymous

    sad to hear. Do you think you just got hacked in an act of revenge?
    Would consider to change passwords (in case you’ve reused them)
    Congrats on the big research the last days btw…

    • http://www.kevinislaughter.com/ Kevin I. Slaughter

      I dunno, it’s possible. It’s all speculation at this point.

      With my e-mail I use gmail’s 2-step verification, and I also use LastPass for passwords (though not all are redone with good passwords). 
      I’d assume it’s more probable that a: someone complained, or b: someone on facebook saw my name somewhere and did some checking up and saw something they didn’t like.