Rev. Slaughter on the “Billy Madison Show” 99.5 KISS 12-14-11

After High Priest of the Church of Satan Peter H. Gilmore was contacted by TMZ to comment on Christian football player Tim Tebow, various media outlets were wanting to jump on the bandwagon and get a Satanist on air.
As a media representative, it’s part of the responsibility I’ve taken on to do these kinds of things.
A the program director for “The Billy Madison Show”, out of San Antonio, Texas, contacted us for a spot on their morning show.
All in all, it was as expected, the hosts were shallow and ignorant of Satanism, though I’d sent them some of the basic documents beforehand. They want ratings, not sincere debate, so they constantly projected their own fantasies onto me, even ignoring points I’d just made seconds beforehand.

I’ve made a number of annotations to the YouTube video version, hopefully they’ll pop up as it plays. You might have to maximize it.

The audio is available on soundcloud.

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  • Anonymous

    Man, this angered me. They had absolutely no intention of letting you explain things without asking RIDICULOUS questions or interrupting you. It devolved into a bunch of school boys poking fun at you for no good reason. Everything that you said in trying to define the Church of Satan went in one ear and right out the other. So much for Christian love and understanding, huh?

  • Larry

    they became the most attentive to you Mister Slaughter when you spoke of love. there is much love in Nietzsche. perhaps that will help your next performance with the masses. will all respect, Larry

  • William

    These radio hosts and callers are a good example of what Peter Gilmore called “Bigoted small minded people.”
    I am surprised that even after you sent them the basic documents on Satanism that they still asked such ridiculous questions.
    However, those who want to find out for themselves will visit the official CoS site which at least got a quick mention and those who simply will never “get it” will remain in their ignorance.

  • Tipua

    I really couldn’t listen to much of this. It’s just the typical selectiveness one experiences when dealing with the purposely ignorant. Those guys are dicks.

  • Alex

    You are a brave man, sir. There are none so deaf as those who won’t bloody LISTEN, clearly.