#PHONAR | Photography Open Course

I’m going to try to follow along with #PHONAR (Photography and Narrative), a “free and open undergraduate class”.

I will be posting projects here on my blog and making use of my flickr account again. I also had to set up a SoundCloud account, and will need to use my Vimeo account.

So, this is a head’s up you may be seeing some “student work” showing up here in the next few months.

First assignment:

Phonar Creative Workshop Task 1:

Completion date: 13th October 2011 (first session back)

Garner a portfolio of 8-10 images from different photographers whose work inspires you. Choose carefully, as though your edit was going to appear as a spread in a printed magazine, you may choose to lay them out as such if you wish, with attention to scale, pace and flow etc.

The portfolio must directly address a theme of your choosing – it could be a personal theme or a topical one, the choice is yours.