Penn Jillette: An Atheist’s Guide to the 2012 Election (video)

Penn Jillette rates the various candidates for the U.S. Presidency from the perspective of an atheist. From BigThink.

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  • Richard Smith

    Could be wrong, but I don’t think Penn’s account of the Andrea Yates case is quite accurate. She didn’t claim to have been commanded by God to kill her children; rather, she told psychiatrists that her children were bound for damnation (because she could not raise them to be “righteous” since the Devil had her under his malefic spell) so she killed them to spare them the fate of being sent to hell. (Based on the Church of God’s doctrine of accountability, they were still innocent of sin and could get a free ride to heaven.) Of course, this is wholly consistent with Penn’s point about “the secret code” that allows Biblical literalists to act in ways that seem at odds with their professed beliefs. I’ve used the Yates case to argue that hell-believing Christians should be antinatalists, since that’s the only way to ensure that their children won’t spend eternity in hell.