NPI Conference – “Towards a New Nationalism” – Photos

The conference was great, but a long day. I know they’ll be posting videos of the conference, for a small fee if I’m not mistaken, at

The titles of the talks from the website, I’ve added links to personal pages or most relavant, then a link to their book, if available:

Sam Dickson — The Idea and the Ideal of the Ethnostate
Alex Kurtagić — Masters of the Universe – Mister
Keith Preston — Mass Immigration and Totalitarian Humanism
Byron Roth — Multiculturalism and Ethnic Activism – The Perils of Diversity
Richard Spencer — Why HBD is Necessary
Tomislav Sunić — Prospects for a Real Nationalist Right in America – Against Democracy and Equality
James Edwards – Obama and the “R Word” – Racism Schmacism
Jared Taylor – White Identity: Why We Need ItWhite Identity

I had the best seat in the house, though I was only able to move once to get a different angle. Here are a few select photos from the NPI Conference…

Richard Spencer
Richard Spencer, host and Executive Director of the National Policy Institute
Keith Preston of
Byron Roth, author of "The Perils of Diversity"



Matt Parrot, James Edwards, Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer
James Edwards and Jared Taylor
James Edwards of The Political Cesspool radio show
Jared Taylor of and author of "White Identity"
Tomislav Sunic, who has written a number of books and hosts a great podcast
Sam Dickson, notorious lawyer and speaker.
Sam Dickson, lawyer and speaker.



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