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After finding “Tomorrow’s Children” I spent a bit of time going through all the books and media on tagged with the term “eugenics”. There are far too many eugenic themed books for me to quickly cobble together a comprehensive post, but there are a small number of audio and video files on the subject, though mostly critical. I’ve filtered out the conspiracy theorist garbage, “student projects”, and passed on one audio file from a religious radio show that is an interview with an author of a book attacking Margaret Sanger. Sanger was indeed a eugenicist, but the audio was merely a hit-piece. This culling left very little of worth, but I figured I’d post anyway.

I’m listening to this first audio now, so I cannot comment on the eugenic part, but if it’s about a modern exhibit on Eugenics, it’s probably completely critical.

“Mail Order Brides / Eugenics (October 19, 2005)”

Chriss Enss joins host Jeffrey Callison to talk about her new book, Hearts West, which brings to life true stories of mail-order brides of the Gold Rush.

The history of California’s aggressive eugenic sterilization program is revealed in a Sacramento State exhibit. Jeffrey speaks with University of Virginia Professor Paul Lombardo, an expert on California eugenics, and the exhibit’s designer, UC Davis Associate Professor Kathryn Sylva.

Here’s a video sponsored by a slew of Jewish/Holocaust organizations:

Dr. McGee discusses eugenics, past and present, both in Germany and the United States. Eugenics investigated human heredity, defining differences between individuals and groups in terms of “superior” and “inferior” traits. It focused on the social impact of genetic information and emphasized the value of “superior blood” in contrast to the menace of “inferior blood.” Are you well-born? That’s one of the questions addressed.

Here’s an fascinating lecture by Carleton Putnam, the author of the book “Race and Reason”, on the day that was declared “Race and Reason Day”. It was tagged “eugenics” though it’s not really about eugenics, but I’m including it here anyway:

Carleton Putnam, author of Race and Reason: A Yankee View giving a speech in Jackson Mississippi on 10/26/61 at a banquet held at the Olympic Room of the Heidelberg Hotel. In this speech Mr. Putnam addresses the following topics; timelessness of American ideals, integrity of the Jackson leadership and press, What is the Problem?, origins of equalitarianism [Franz Boas,Lysenkosim], persecution of legitimate scientists, UNESCO, race and environmentalist propaganda, the role of the church in the spread of equalitarian race doctrine, perverting Lincoln’s words and ideas, northern indoctrination as “moral” crusade, integrity of civilisation, not states rights must be the defence for racial problems and leftist “change” [prophetic!]

And finally (told you there wasn’t much):

Population Control’s Sad History

Columbia U historian Matthew Connelly’s Fatal Misconception documents 150 years and a cast of thousands involved in the effort to control the fertility of women in the name of population control. We discuss eugenics, China, India and the reality of population stabilization.

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