City Council must approve your “meeting” if you talk about the city at dinner with your family… (update)

I was skeptical through the first half… “what am I not being told”, but then they interviewed the city council member and I though “oh, okay, that seems to be the real story here”.

Maybe I’m still missing something, but I’m hard pressed to imagine it will be a fact that makes me think this is not egregiously stupid and unconstitutionally intrusive.

The New York Times:

The City Council adopted an ordinance last week making it illegal to form any kind of group without its permission…

Even by the standards of small-town dramas, Gould’s situation is bleak. The town faces nearly $300,000 in unpaid taxes, and there have been frequent clashes among the mayor [Earnest Nash Jr.], the advisory group [Gould Citizens Advisory Council] and the City Council over how to repay it. Those clashes — and a perception by the City Council that the citizens’ group is seeking too much influence — led to the ban on new organizations.


New video:

This video says one ordinance is about groups at a city owned meeting hall, and another about the mayor meeting with groups without the Council’s permission.

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