BOOK NERD :: Stories for Men / Tales for Males – Contents

I’ve posted these books before, but wanted to make an entry for the tables of contents for each, in case there’s someone who is searching for works by one of the authors. I’m posting photos of the contents now, but will transcribe them later so search engines can find the text. Also, as mentioned before, I’ve seen an ad for “Tales for Males” in one of my old men’s magazines, so I’ll scan that and put it here as well.


Romance lingers, adventure lives / John Collier
Courtship through the ages / James Thurber
The girl in the storm / James M. Cain
Love, or, How to woo and win a woman / Jack Goodman and Alan Green
There are smiles / Ring Lardner
What goes on in ladies rest rooms / C.A. Hamilton
Helen, thy beauty is to me / John Fante
Better be an old woman’s darling / Benjamin Franklin
The love kick / William Saroyan
Claustrophobia, or, What every young wife should know / E.B. White
Muzio / Konrad Bercovici
I learn something about sex / Corey Ford
He was so good to her / Frank Sullivan
Fashions in love / Clarence Day, Jr.
Getting on in the world / Morley Callaghan
Bundling, an old Yankee custom / George S. Chappell
A mediaeval romance / Mark Twain
Which is the vainer sex? / Fred C. Kelly
The love letters of Smith / H.C. Bunner
Polly Baker’s lack of virtue is its own reward / Benjamin Franklin
A letter from the Bronx / Arthur Kober
My views on marriage / W.C. Fields
Dusk before fireworks / Dorothy Parker
Leg-pulling / Bernard Sobel
Extracts from Adam’s diary / Mark Twain
Etiquette of courtship / Donald Ogden Stewart
Strip tease / George Weller
The girls of Tongatabu / John Langdon
The triumph of the nut, or, Too many marriages / Christopher Ward



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