Book Nerd :: New and Used, Eugenics, Paganism, Death, The Devil, etc.

Books acquired over the past week. New on the left, used on the right.

“The Book of Satanic Quotations” edited by Matt G. Paradise (finally got the new edition)
“Jewish Eugenics” by John Glad (still need to read his other book on eugenics)
“Tales for Males” (I’ll have to scan and post the ad for this from the back of old men’s magazines that I’ve seen)
“Male Fantasies, Vol. 2” Klaus Thewleit (this appears to be feminist/Marxist garbage, but probably funny)
“Hold Back This Day” by Ward Kendall
“Summoning the Gods”  by Collin Cleary
“Playboy Book of Humor and Satire”
“The Meaning of Death” edited by Herman Feifel