Anders Behring Breivik | 2083 A European Declaration of Independence | Manifesto

Claimed Manifesto relating to the Oslo Bombings/Shootings.

UPDATE, July 28th, 10am – It has started showing up, in the foreign press mostly, that Breivik was in contact with me. It was clearly stated multiple times where and when I found this document online. I had not heard of or been in contact with Breivik or this document before his terrorist actions in Norway. 


UPDATE July 25th 7:20pm.

A reader has sent the following:
>> Hi – why did you remove the list of contents from the 2083 manifesto when
>> you made a pdf from it? I’ve seen people make a point out of the fact that
>> the manifesto doesn’t have such a list, and make conclusions about his
>> psyche based on that. They should know that this detail is actually your
>> work, and not his.
I made it clear on the orig blog post that I created a PDF from the orig. file, but many people were linked directly to the PDF here or on my GoogleDocs where I uploaded it when my site went down due to traffic.

I did nothing to alter it, but I did not check it against the orig. file to see if there was any difference. I should have posted the orig. doc. file in the initial post, but I didn’t. I’m not a journalist and nobody is paying me for my time and efforts. I am paying out of pocket to host the file and I am not looking for reward (but proper attribution is appreciated).

I’m also now getting some very threatening comments telling me to take the document down and that I’m some how morally complicit in a crime. This is unfortunate, but not unexpected. I have less to fear from people who “think bad thoughts” than from people who want to “enforce good thoughts at any expense”.

UPDATE July 24th 5:00pm.

Most news sources say this is authentic. I’m glad that I was able to help bring a clue to the table, and have done my best not to editorialize on this event, but to just act as a source for others to deconstruct, spin and whatever else.
At this point I’ve had over 100,000 hits to my website in the last 48 hours, one that normally sees 50 to 150 in a day. We’re getting quite a few comments now as well, so I thought I’d type out the following:

  • I will not ask for people to be reasonable, those that are will be.
  • I will not ask for people to consider before speaking, those who are inconsiderate were so before this.
  • I will not ask people to not make false claims, opportunistic liars who agreed would only be lying.
  • I will not ask people to refrain from what I think are bad jokes or tut-tut them for worrying about something that seems far less important, it’s solipsistic. Tragedies impact people differently, and those that live have their own struggles.
  • I will not ask opportunistic scumbags looking to pimp a website not to do so, as I don’t ever expect leopards to lose their spots merely because I ask.

Instead, if you’re an asshole, I’ll just delete your message. I love freedom of speech and will respect a wide range of views, but this is “my house”.

“When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.” -ASL


UPDATE July 23rd 7:17pm ET! I haven’t been able to edit this website for hours now. It’s been slammed with traffic and down most of the time but I spoke to my webhost and it seems to be running quickly now…
More qualified men (and women) than I believe this is the real deal.
Mainstream news sources are confirming it. 

For the record, I first saw/downloaded a .docx of the manifesto at 1:54pm ET, Posted it as PDF at 2:38pm ET. I converted it to a PDF because many people can’t use .docx files.
My site went down because of heavy traffic and at 5:05pm ET I put a mirror up on my google docs account. The site was back up by 7:00pm.

Original post below:

UNVERIFIED! I AM NOT CLAIMING THIS AS AUTHENTIC, I found it via a sketchy link. It was a Docx file and I exported to PDF so it was more easily viewed by a larger number of people.

I sat down and tried to figure out possible problems:
1. written entirely in English
2. Authorship attributed to “Andrew Berwick” (is this an Anglicized version of his name?)
3. Photos of Breivik tacked on to the end of the document make no sense.
4. It is a compilation of existing writings easily found on the web.

As seen in the text, Breivik used the e-mail address and people are wondering what this cryptic refernce it to. It’s possible that it’s to this:


In the text he says:

I have worked full time for more than three years oriented toward practical solutions (key notes written in English). My position is to contribute to areas that are on the side of current main focus. Much of the information I am dealing it is unknown to most people, even to you.
If you send me an e-mail to I will send you an electronic version once I’m finished.

He does say “in English”, so that lines up.

The authorship is attributed to:

By Andrew Berwick, London – 2011

But this could be an Anglicized version of Anders Brevik?

Again, the video associated with this manifesto is found here:

It’s also possible that the author (Berwick) is trying to get some attention for his manifesto by riding on the back of this tragedy.

There are photos of Breivik tacked on to the end of the document in a nonsensical way, or, in a way that makes sense if this was a crass move to get a lot of free promotion. Or if someone who was against the author/author’s opinions to instantly associate him with this mass murder.