An open letter to Massimo Introvigne….

The following letter has been e-mailed and facebook messaged to Introvigne, and I have made and inquiry by twitter as well.


Mr. Introvigne,
It appears to me that you have claimed, or it is being interpreted that you’ve stated that I received Breivik’s Manifesto from him, and that he was in direct contact with either myself or someone else from the Church of Satan.
On my personal blog where the manifesto was first posted, and all the original news reporting has made it clear that I found the manifesto on a forum ( after the terrorist acts had taken place and that I have not ever been in contact with, nor even hear Breivik’s name before the Oslo terrorism.

See: , the author was one of the first people I contacted after I found the manifesto, and he states “The manifesto… was posted on, a white supremacist website, and discovered by American blogger Kevin I. Slaughter”.

You can see by the date stamps on my personal blog and by my twitter history when I found the document and tried contacting someone about it.

In you state “In a way, it is not surprising that Breivik had friends even in LaVey’s Church of Satan.”

What information do you have that Breivik was in contact with myself or another member of the Church of Satan? I have revealed everything I have related to Breivik on my blog, where is your proof of this claim, being repeated time and again?

Kevin I. Slaughter