American Renaissance Conference 2011

FEB. 9th UPDATE: I am no longer updating this post with news stories. As I predicted, the story was 98% restricted to local news and the proponents and detractors of AmRen. The “larger story” of a government official stomping on freedom of speech and assembly is of no interest because the dissidents are of the wrong political orientation.

Jan. 29th, POTUS Barack Obama said the following:

The people of Egypt have rights that are universal. That includes the right to peaceful assembly and association, the right to free speech, and the ability to determine their own destiny. These are human rights

I don’t have time to write on this topic, but I think it’s fascinating to watch the coverage of this.

Current bottom line: A group of citizens want to pay a hotel to talk to one another. No boycotts, no violence, no “engaging the enemy”… just talking to one another. Multiple egalitarian interest groups are taking aggressive steps to stop  that from happening. More importantly, two local politicians may have sought to shut the conference down – probably violating some of the most fundamental rights accorded to Americans by the Constitution.

Below are links to coverage of the turmoil leading up to the 2011 American Renaissance conference. I will be updating this as I find new articles from standard news sources and blogs. Submit missing articles in the comments section below (yes, I need to fix the comment section colors).


4th :  “Defeat The Anti-White Double Standard—Attend American Renaissance’s 2011 Conference!”


Char. Observer : “Militant Jewish group condemns gathering of white supremacists”


WRAL : “White supremacist gathering in NC draws more fire”
WBTV :  “‘Pro White’ group picks Charlotte for convention, racial tension rises”
Boston Herald : “Militant Jewish group seeks to block N.C. gathering of white supremacists


American Independent : “White Supremacist group American Renaissance forced to move location of annual conference in Charlotte


The Occidental Observer : “Deja Vu All Over Again: AmRen 2011 Under Attack”


Char. Observer : “White nationalists’ conference stymied”
Alt. Right : “Attacking AmRen”
Occidental Dissent : Amren 2011


Char. Observer :  “White nationalist leader to discuss hotel cancellation”


V-Dare :  “First, They Came For American Renaissance. Next, For Establishment Conservatives—But They Deserve It.”
Char. Observer :  “White nationalist leader blasts Charlotte critics”
(they keep changing the above article, from the title [see url text compared to title of article] to adding and subtracting large swaths of information. Unfortunately they do not make that clear.)
David Yeagley : AmRen Conference Attacked Again


AmRen : “An Appeal to the City of Charlotte and to Mayor Pro-tem Patrick Cannon”
(the above is the actual text of the press release. You can read this and the subsequent articles to see where journalists have edited and altered his words.)
OVO: “Trevor Blake: American Renaissance 2011 Conference”
Examiner : “Jared Taylor calls for apology from city of Charlotte”
WBTV : Alleged white supremacist wants apology for hotel cancellation”
(video here, also has a poll that starts with the laughable: “A group “Racial Realist” wants to hold a conference in Charlotte….”, wha? What’s the name of the group?)
Char. Post : “Charlotte rally to protest white supremecy”
David Yeagley : American Renaissance, Violence, and Lies

WCNC :  “White supremacist group considers suing Charlotte”



Char. Observer : “Free speech covers all, even the primitive”
(the framing on this article is so blatant.. it’s obviously opinion as opposed to journalism. Even the title, implying AmRen is ‘primitive’)
Politics Daily : “White Nationalist Looks for a Hotel and an Apology in Charlotte”
Creative Loafing: “Why do white nationalists want to meet in Charlotte?
WSOCTV (video) : : AmRen’s Jared Taylor Triumphs In Charlotte? : Richard Spencer starts blog dedicated to commenting on coverage. : Hotel cancels white supremacist event
Gather : American Renaissance, Democrats Fight Over Charlotte
Counter Currents : “American Renaissance Conference Canceled Second Year Running”


WSOCTV : Controversial Group Cancels Planned Charlotte Conference
(this and another almost identical story on a different site neglect to mention anything about Cannon, the JDO, or other groups. It instead just quotes a press release from the hotel)
NPI : We Will Fight — And Stream On!

VDare : That American Renaissance Conference—And The War Against Whites

WBTV :  Controversial group cancels Charlotte convention

Taki’s Mag : The Futility of Dissidence by John Derbyshire

I wanted to quote Derb here, but I suggest you read the whole thing:
The genteel, Taylorish way of doing things is, in fact, unhuman. It goes against our natural propensities. Very few races or nations can maintain it for long. Most human actions are emotion-driven; most human beliefs are built on magic, superstition, wishful thinking, social striving, and personal feelings. It may be that you do A or believe B because you have been persuaded in reasoned discussion that A is a proper course of action and B is most likely true. But much, much more often, A is prompted by your deep brain stem without any conscious thought being involved, while B appeals because X, whom you love, believes B, or because Y, whom you hate, believes not-B.


Herald Online : White nationalists can’t find a venue, cancel NC conference

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