Book Blogging :: Scandals of Satan – Typography

I’ve typeset most of the book, but I’m working on the cover at the same time because I want to keep the type consistent.

I’ve picked Adobe Garamond Pro for the body type, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to use for chapter titles. Preferably I’d use the font that the title was set in. I try to use as few different typefaces as possible. There may be typos or typesetting issues on these pages. I’m offering them here to show the progress of the book itself, for those interested. In many of my book projects I’ll go about things in a way that larger publishers don’t – often I’ll most of the typesetting after only a rough proofreading. Because I have an almost enturely digital workflow, I’ll then print PDFs to send to those helping out proofing and when errors are found I’ll fix them in the InDesign file. This allows me to spend more time with the pages as they’ll be printed…

The size of the book is 5.5×8.5″, slightly smaller than the previous books I’ve published (at 6×9″), but the same size as Laffs & Juggs. This size is printed on a slightly lighter paper. I was hesistant at first when this new paper option was made available, but once I recieved my proof copy of Laffs & Juggs I was satisfied that it was acceptable.

Tichenor uses a lot of quotes through the book, some that run multiple pages. I set the quotes that ran any length in a smaller point size and kept the same leading as the regular body text.

The author of the introduction Robert M. and I will be doing a lot of promo stuff, probably including videos… I’m okay with Premiere, but today I started working with After Effects, and I’m pretty happy with the results of a few hours of work. I exported an unfinished working copy and uploaded it to YouTube…

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