Book Blogging :: Scandals of Satan – Formats!

I’m putting the final touches on Sorceries and Scandals of Satan. Yes! It’s still going to be printed, despite the slow process highlighted by the distance in time between the book blogging going on here.

We’re releasing a hardback, paperback and ebook version (very soon) and there are only cover sizing issues between the two print editions, but obviously the ebook is not going to be a 1 to 1 conversion. I wanted to just throw of few images up here to detail some of the work I’m doing.

Title page typography:

The print edition of the book has a title page that covers a full spread, with Robert’s attribution on one page and Tichenor’s on the other…

But there are no page spreads on the Kindle3 (the device I use to test the files on), so I’ve had to rearrange the elements. The epub version of the book embeds the fonts used, but the Kindle doesn’t display embedded fonts. In order to keep some of the type of the print edition, I’ve created a .jpg image of a new title design and embedding it into the book. I also moved the title page to the very front of the book, where it’s pages 4 and 5 of the print edition (after author portrait and dedication).