Googling myself – Feb 11 1997, 4:00 am

It should be no surprise that someone who has a blog in his own name googles that same name with some regularity. This morning I found the following newsgroup post archived from 12 years ago. I’d probably say very close to the same thing today.

Many of my views have changed, grown, become more nuanced – but I’m still an atheist and a Satanist. I think theism is inherently anti-rational. I still use “lime green jello” as an example.

One of the strengths of my worldview is I don’t feel that other people reflect on me in any legitimate way… i.e. there may be other Satanists or Atheists who I think are wrong or hold abhorrent views or do things that I don’t approve of – but I’m an egoist and I won’t allow anyone to hold the actions of others over me. They can try, maybe they’ll succeed in the eyes of other people, but I accept no responsibility for the words or deeds of anyone I do not claim responsibility for.

If it isn’t obvious – the lines with the “>>>” are from someone else I’m responding to.

Feb 11 1997, 4:00 am

>> >   There are two types of Satanists; those who are Church Of Satan
>> > and those who wish they were.

>> And there are obviously two further separated types of Satanists
>> the CoS; those who understand and act according to Satanic
philosophy and
>> ignorant, weak-minded kiddies like you are.

No, in all reality. There are two types of Satanists. Atheistic, and
Theistic. My PERSONAL opinion (if one cares) is that any thiest is
anti-rational. But that is my opinion.
Theist Satanists are devil worshippers, whereas Atheist Satanists
(such as with the Church of Satan, whom I’m sure has theists in it
because it represents the ouside world, most of the people in it aren’t
sincere, or know whats going on) are just that. Using Satan as a
Jungian archetype.
Now I condemn flame wars continually, and name calling is childish.
You break it down logically. If a theist who worships a being called
the devil calls himslef a Satanist, then they are that. Just as if I
wanted to call myself a bowl of Lime Green Jello, you couldn’t say I
wasn’t because I am using MY definition of what “bowl of lime green
jello” means. And NOBODY else can say I was wrong.
I call myself a Satanist, and am Atheistic. I am both because I can
logically explain why I am both, and why I am other things as well
(social-darwinist, meat eater, heterosexual, and just plain silly
What is boils down to is sincerety. If you are sincere, and logical,
you are better off than 80% or more of the population.
Kevin I. Slaughter

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