Book Nerd :: Dont Call Me a Crook/The Devil Knows Latin

Book Nerd :: Dont Call Me a Crook/The Devil Knows Latin

Don’t Call Me a Crook! A Scotsman’s Tale of World Travel, Whiskey and Crime
by Bob Moore

I’m a big fan of certain “proletariat”/hobo authors, hardboiled and detective stories, con-men and hustlers… in short any novels featuring a rather Hobbesian world of all against all. From The Mucker and Circus Parade to Iceberg Slim. when I read fiction, I like it short, mean and brutish. And by short, I mean less than 300 pages. “Don’t Call Me a Crook!” isn’t fiction (per say), but it does seem to fit into my realm of interest.

The Devil Know Latin, Why America Needs the Classical Tradition
by E. Christian Knopff

I’ve heard the author speak twice now, and I’m fascinated with education and the follies of the multiculturalist/equalitarian impact on public schools. Our biggest social experiments in education have failed miserably, and millions of children have received shitty educations because of efforts to “close the gap”. This has been done by introducing novelties and quack educational and social theories and using American children as test subjects. Heather MacDonald has a great chapter in her book “The Burden of Bad Ideas“, and it’s a topic I’ve discussed here before.

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