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I figured I’d make a long list of podcasts and blogs I’ve been reading/listening to  lately… but I’d done a podcast round-up pretty recently, and you can see it here.  So here’s a truncated list of things I’m subscribed to in google reader, using the cryptic alpha-zed system of ordering.

Atheist Media Blog

YouTube clips and audio.

Baltimore Crime

Crime in my city, updated daily. They keep a body count.

Chase Lisbon –

I really like his low-key photography.

Christian Child Abuse

Frequently updated with stories about cases of priests and people of the “good word” molest or kill children.


My pal Jim’s blog.


My pal Matt’s blog.

Free The Heretical Two –

A new site featuring articles on cases around the world where freedom of expression is being systematically destroyed. Focusing but not limited to the case of the imprisoned owner and writer for

Gene Expression

Gene Expression

I still haven’t exactly figured out why there are two Gene Expression blogs, but they’re both good.

The Hoover Hog –

Chip Smith has a way with words, like the guy who’s used a bolt gun in a slaughterhouse for 20 years and still loves his job.

Holla Daddy –

Pure schadenfreude…

Lifehacker –

This blog on making things quicker and easier has wasted so much of my time.

National Policy Institute –

Secular Right

Heather MacDonald, Razib Khan and John Derbyshire are three of the contributors that I knew about before I started reading the blog.

Sex in Art –

It’s okay, occasionally some really good stuff.

Steve Sailer’s iSteve Blog

The only writer that’s made interesting posts on golf. Luckily there’s very little of that, and the rest is pretty solid.

Subversion –

Solid, just started reading it, looking good.

The Atheist Conservative –

The Lord Bassington-Bassington Chronicles

Fun stuff!

The Torch | FIRE’s Blog – FIRE

The mission of FIRE is to defend and sustain individual rights at America’s colleges and universities. These rights include freedom of speech, legal equality, due process, religious liberty, and sanctity of conscience — the essential qualities of individual liberty and dignity.

Titty City –

When my wife saw that I linked to this in a previous blog she said “Oh, how embarrassing”. – Latest Articles


The zombietime blog!

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