A series of propositions…

Just something I’ve been considering… this is the first attempt at putting order to it, though it’s not finished or terribly orderly.

A series of propositions:

  • The best method for understanding the world is scientific method.
  • For things untestable, reasoning and logic is best.
  • Being able to win an argument or debate does not equal being correct.
  • It is possible that a stupid man has come to a correct conclusion where a brilliant man fails.
  • The mind is a product of the brain, body and environment.
  • There is no mind/body dualism, the mind is part of the body.
  • Our minds process information that we are not conscious of. It makes decisions that we are not conscious of.
  • Our minds sometimes produce mental states that confuse us, such as deja vu.
  • The feeling of certainty is independent of facts and logic. We may feel certain that we know something but don’t.
  • The scientific method cannot test every hypothesis, due to any number of reasons.
  • Even if a hypothesis is testable, an individual may be incapable of performing those tests or accessing data.
  • Even if an individual was capable of accessing all data and performing all tests to a level of certainty, there would not be enough time to do so for all aspects of his life.
  • An individual has to rely on data and/or conclusions generated by others in order to form opinions.
  • All humans are capable of error in performing tests and applying scientific methodology.
  • Some humans intentionally create false results through any number of means.
  • An individual most likely understands any number of theories incorrectly based on an combination of flawed, partial, wrong, or skewed logic and data.
  • Even if an individuals facts are complete and accurate they may come to an incorrect conclusion based on personal intellectual limitations to process all data.

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