LaVey’s bookshelf 1995

This is obviously just one of many bookshelves, but because it was caught on film, we get to browse. From the Nick Bougas Documentary “Speak of the Devil”.
I’d gone through this a few years back on the VCR and a pad of paper, but because of a comment on my myspace blog I thought I’d do a photocollage since I had the docu. on my hard drive and could easily take screen shots and photoshop them together… BECAUSE I’M A NERD.

LaVey's Bookshelf 1995
I’m typing the below list on the fly, there’s a few titles I know I have at home that I haven’t identified here and can’t remember the title of…

Shelf A
2. …Magic?
3. …Magic?
6. A Little treasury of ?

Shelf B
2. Psychopathia Sexualis
3. … Sex
4. The Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe
5. Sex…
14. Funeral Customs The World Over

Shelf C
1. Divine Horsemen: the Voodoo giods of Haiti
2. Human Curiosities
3. Man Into Wolf
4. The Werewolf
5. Encylcopedia of Esoteric Man
6. A ___ of The File Story of Bram Stoker
7. Dracula
9. The Piranha Book
10. Freaks
11. Very Special People
12. something from Julian Press
13. It’s a Small World
14. Animal Hypnosis
15. The Frankenstein Legend

LaVey's Bookshelf 1995 - Detail 1
LaVey's Bookshelf 1995 - Detail 2
LaVey's Bookshelf 1995 - Detail 3