Eternal Life After Death

My great uncle wrote this recently:


Eternal Life After Death is the stock in trade of most religions. It is considered a Good Thing, without much further thought or analysis. Islam throws in 70 virgins if the (male) warrior dies in a jihad. This might explain some suicide bombers.

Eternal Life presumes a sentient entity (either virtual or as real as the Risen Christ) which continues after a physical death. I will not go into whether it applies only to humans or only to devout Christians or what happens to the 4 billion souls on Earth who are not Christians.

What sort of experiences would this sentient entity have? Would the Heavenly Ensemble be charged with entertaining all of them, forever? Would entities be able to interact with other entities? Let us make some parallels with our present life and suppose that they are able to interact with other entities. Then, after all entities have had extensive interactions with all the billions of other entities billions of times, then one moment of eternity will have passed. What then?

I understand that God is the God of infinite time and space, although humans are incapable of comprehending these infinities. The most devout Christian will understand that, in many millions of years, our Sun will eventually decay into a red ember, with all its planets frozen and incapable of supporting any kind of life. When this happens, then a second moment of eternity will have passed. What then?

The prospect of Eternal Life After Death (self awareness) scares me silly. If it be true, then I will opt, if possible, for a final and merciful physical death, thank you very much. If Eternal Life After Death be true, then surely bringing a new life into the world to face an eternity of self awareness is an act of unimaginable  cruelty.

Xxxxxx X. Slaughter

(yeah, edited by me to protect the innocent)