Grandma blood on my hands….

This morning, my gal and I stopped at a grocery store. She had to run in and pick something up. We were running a little late, it was 12:15 and she’s supposed to open her store by noon and I SHOULD be at my desk by the same time (I know, it’s a hard life).
While waiting in my car, sipping an iced coffee from the D&D (a habit I picked up from her – I’m really a Krispy Kreme man myself, being raised in the same town that birthed the doughnut franchise) and two delightful old ladies came stepping out of the store. The younger of the two white haired lasses stepped down from the curb and started off to the car parked nearby in a handicap space, the other, very old (and very “sweet old grandmother” type) was trying to step down herself… but even with a cane she looked uncertain.
Because I’m Southern man, and she was a kind looking woman in a fairly nice but working collar suburb of Baltimore, I started to rise from my seat to help her down from the curb. As I got the door all the way open, I see her start to lose balance and down she went, head hitting the curb before I could traverse the 15 feet I was from her.
I step up, look in her eyes and ask if she is okay, she responds and seems a but suprised, but not dazed. Her head was bleeding and a second person who saw what happened volunteered to call an ambulance. My gal just walked out the door and I tell her to get a towel or something and she spins around to take care of it.
Ambulance called, towel in my hand and pressed to the back of her neck, she was sitting up and I was supporting her with my knees while I was crouched behind her. My dear girl held her hand and spoke to her, as well as I until the ambulance came.
The paramedics came over and took the towel holding from me and escorted her in the ambulance, I look down and see blood all over my left hand and wrist and the cuff of my coat.
I don’t need a pat on the back, I didn’t ask that woman for any money and nobody thanked me. If she were a crackhead, or someone undesirable, I would have just called the ambulance from the warmth of the running car. She seemed like someone who just had an accident.
Basically, there’s more going on than books and porn and eugenics, though I don’t write about it as much. When I talk about statistics and groups of people, I’m talking just about that – generalities. I don’t think people are just two-dimensional, but I take individuals as just that. When they’re strangers, I judge them based on appearance and behavoir, when they aren’t anymore, I judge them based on my interactions with them.

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