Wholesale Gods

I’m not going back and editing.correcting this, it was written in a half awake state…
I had the worst nightmare I’ve had in a log long time.. so I “fell in” with this couple… they were involved with this whoesale club. They had their sales patter down, and they repeated it over and over again. Somehow they were selling me their aparment and I’d moved in, or they’d moved in with me. Hell, this wholesale club thing seemed like an okay deal, you could get stuff cheap. I bout something. I’m having a hard time remembering what I bought. Man, they kept repeating their mantra, I feel sick and so fucked up right now. They were assholes, this wasn’t a club but a cult. Everything that you coud buy was generic and stupid, I didn’t want the stuff but they laid on the hard sell, kept repeating their pitch, over and over again. “Get the fuck out of my face!” I couldn’t take it anymore. I killed the guy, I broke his fucking back as he made the pitch one more time. I ried him up like a chicken and I fucking ate him and ed him to his excited and indoctrinated girlfriend as she pitched me. I told her that she was eating her boyfriend and that if she didn’t get out I was going to fucking kill her. She tried to hard sell me. Their room was filed with top of the line electronics and generic furnature from the wholesale club, I just wanted them dead, I was sick of the mantra, I don’t want any of their crap. I fucking killer her too, I wish I could kill them both again I’m so fucked up right now. So I left the apartment and walked out into the street. There was someone on the street trying to give me the hard sell, holy fuck, they’d gotten the whole neighborhood. “You fucking assholes, what are you doing, this isn’t going to fucking work out, everybody can’t be a fucking salesman for this wholesale club, why are you doing this?! I couldn’t understand it, these people had the enthusiasm of brainwashed Krishna’s. In my dream, at this point – total Twilight Zone television scene – my point of view zooms out into the sky, first I see my house/apartment, there’s a skylight and the couple’s giant new flat screen television is on and blaring a videotape from the wholesale club… pans out, there are 8 apartments around it, all with skylights, all with huge television screens. In these rooms there are people still left watching. There they are in their dirty bathrobes, stained underwear. Slobs and idtiots all getting psyched up for the hard sell. They’ll get dressed up and go out in the mornig, they’re new people with a new goal in life. Zooms back, the neighborhood, the world. Assholes. I freak out, drag myself from this hell world into waking up to the real world – waking up to my television left on from last night, an infomercial on with all the catch phrases and pitches I’ve been hearin over and over again for what seems like hours and hours. I reel in total disorder and confusion, I see now what was cauing me such anger, my television being on and indocrinating me in my sleep… I lunged at it and turned it off, slamming my knee into something. My stomach is in knots, I have faint echos of the hard sell realing through my mind and a feeling like I didn’t kill enough. I could interpret this dream a hundred different ways. Theism, consumer culture, etc. etc. all obvious. I won’t though, I can’t, I can only do my best to get rid of it as best I can.

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