“Satanic” Joke and Halloween debauch..

This morning, I thought up this funny “in” joke:

Two Satanists are hanging out, one says to the other “Who was that hot dame I saw you with earlier?”

To which the second says “Oh that was my wife, or as she’s known about the house – ‘The every day altar.’”

And the one laughs and says, “Well that’s funny, but since she’s the every day altar, does that mean you have a special occasion altar?”

To which the second replies, “Not that she knows about!”

Okay, maybe I should have put the quotes around funny instead of in.

As well, there’s this gret photo from the Bruiser’s Ball at the Ottobar. I was, of course, dressed up like a slighly more eccentric me:

I’ve always liked the concept of photographs of people in photo booths taken from the outside.

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